Black magic/evil eye, it’s causes and solutions.

Black magic and evil eye is real. This is a fact which does not need to be decorated, dressed or populated. The simple truth is, millions of people are affected by it across the world and a number of people have either died as a result or have been mentally, physically and spiritually harmed. There are accounts of people who have become insane and it has been the cause of countless family breakups, marriage failures and relationship disasters.
Black magic and it’s affiliates are dark weapons which are in many respects a greater destructive force than many conventional weapons.
In rural communities the world over, black magic is the quick fix revenge tool used to bring about destruction to the enemy and cause untold harm to your opponent. From Haiti to the Fiji islands, history is full of dark forces shaping and alternating the course of events.

The flip side of the coin is, not every misfortune or bad occurrence is the result of black magic. This is also an extreme to blame everything on black magic or evil eye. There is a fine line between both which people often easily blur. A year or two ago I wrote an article on ‘Tips on saving yourself from black magic’. Since then, I have been inundated with emails, comments and requests to help with supposed curses of black magic curses which people believe they have become a victim of. – Something they point out, was done to them by a relative or a jealous friend. *This article is my answer to all the questions, comments and emails sent to me.*
The causes of someone being affected by it or having become cursed because of it are numerous. First and foremost bad company is a precursor for attracting evil, dark attracts darkness. Many times the build up of dark energy is the feeding ground for jinn attacks. Secondly, other causes can be due to persistence in sins or as the modernist spiritualist hippies like to call it negative energy. These can be anything from being the cause of disputes, planning evil and being the one who commits sins in solitude. Many people are known to be pious in public but are completely different in private. The persona changes so much it is like two people stuck in one. These and many other forms of activities can be the catapult which launches people into the side of evil. Many times people inherently commit disgusting vile acts which would even put the devils to shame. The Indian-sub continent is somewhat like the crowning jewel of black magic practitioners, home to an alarming number of its adherents and it’s popularity to solve disputes and problems from anything to family problems to business disputes to growing.

The main defence against such attacks is being engrossed in good deeds and around pious people. Then to learn the prophetic steps to protection against black magic and it’s like. There are many duas and remedies provided by the prophetic teachings which fortify a person in protection. My suggestion to non Muslim readers of this blog, from who I have recieved many requests for help, would be to seek out medical help first. If this fails then address it via the pundits and yogis who specialise in providing help. But to attend authentic practitioners of this field and not go for everyone who claims to be an expert. This is a science which has its specialists and experts who know how to deal with patients in need of spiritual/physiological help. The above list of causes and solutions are by no means exhaustive or complete. However, these are in my view the dominant factors for the causes and solutions to this growing problem.

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By ServantofAlMalik

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