Allah’s curse is on the Palestinians!

‘What! how can this be’, you say. Well, continue reading and all will become clear. 🙂

We all know the plight of Palestinians. On a daily basis we see Ads splashed across all the Islāmic channels, TV channels and hear about it on the radio stations. No one needs an introduction to the situation of the Palestinians. Or, be told how the ongoing atrocities committed by the Zionists of Israel are continuing despite the global condemnation. To be honest, we as outsiders, can never fully understand or empathize with them. All we can do is, draw an image of Palestinian daily life from what we see on the TV screens or hear about it from third-party sources.
With this in mind and the understanding of the great struggle they go through daily.

    I am in no way about to undermine or criticize their pitiful state by this post.

Yes, i am ready for the onslaught of ridicule and negative criticism which will unavoidably come my way. However, to please people and to win praise of creation is not my goal. I like to see my self as the champion of truth and wherever and whenever it is required, i shall not shy away from speaking, writing and expressing it.

It has to be said, i have always been intrigued with the Palestinian and Israeli situation. You may say, ‘well every Muslim is’. For me personally speaking, my interest in that part of the world is NOT for the typical reasons another Muslim any hold (Muslim V non – Muslim fighting). It is slightly different. For a great number of years, i have been interested to know why the Palestinians are suffering the way they are. What caused this continued oppression to rain down upon them? (By that i do not mean the cause being Israelis, as everyone would assume). My query is, what is the underlying reason, in the greater scheme of things,- in the sight of Allah, which caused has this to happen in the first place?) Like me, there are (I’m sure) many others who have thought of this before & sought to find answers, only to shy away from discussing it with others in fear they get labelled as a ‘Israeli collaborator’.
Surely there has to be a reason why Allah has put them in such a situation. – At the mercy of the Israelis, whom are relentlessly oppressing them every day!

Lo and behold! After some research, the answer to my long thought and held question is simple, yet many Muslims are unaware of it. Due to the continued empathy we display with the Palestinians, hardly any, save maybe some, that know the actual reasons why in the sight of Allah they are in such sorrow state. According to some of the earliest classical scholars and theologians. The reason they are in such pitiful state is because, the first group of people to break away from the unity of the Muslims and the khilafah system, were the Palestinians. This caused the curse of Allah to come down on them. Which is the reason why they are in a perpetual state of oppression, hardships and torture! It was the Palestinians who broke away from the khalifah system first. In short, they left the khilafah system due to their nationalist pride & patriotism, which ultimately caused the Zionist Jews to be placed over them as instruments of punishment by God!

Many of the historical journals say thus:

The 1834 Arab revolt in Palestine, also known as the Arab Peasants revolt, was a reaction to conscription into the Egyptian army by the Wāli Muhammad Ali. Ali, as a part of a modernization policy, began the conscription of ordinary subjects. Traditionally, soldiers were recruited from freebooters, loot-seekers, mercenaries, slaves or members of a military caste. The imposition of a conscription levy led to a revolt in the Egyptian conquered portion of Ottoman Syria, headed by the prominent Arab clans of Nablus, Hebron and the Jerusalem-Jaffa area. Baruch Kimmerling and Joel S. Migdal argue that the 1834 Arab revolt of the Egyptian conquered part of Ottoman Syria was a formative event for the Palestinian sense of nationhood, in that it forged a unity among disparate groups against a common enemy: the various classes and clans who fought in it are precisely those that reemerged later to constitute the Palestinian people.

This was the beginning of nationalism and nationalist pride. All the while, as this was going on in the Muslim ummah, the British were watching with interest and rubbing their hands with glee. The idea of nationalism and nationalist pride which the Palestinians conceived was taken up by the British. As they saw how effective it had been during the Palestinian rebellion. Later on, this idea was to be the bed rock of the British when they introduced it the ibn saud family in Arabia. The British had realized how if the heart of the khilafah system (Mecca & Medina) could be ripped out then there will be no more ‘Muslim rule of the world’. Realizing the potential of this idea & the untold damage that could be done with it. The British then nurtured the idea of nationalism. Molding it and perfecting the product, which they would be slowly introduce across the Muslim Ummah, later. Namely the remaining Muslim strong hold of the Indian sub continent.

To revolt against the khalif of the time is a heinous crime.The obligation of the Muslim unity led by an amir is an absolute matter (qat’i) which is commanded by the shariyah’ law. To break away from it for worldly reason is unacceptable and a grave sin! You see, It is the sunnah of Allah that he will not punish anyone, or place him in a continued state of hardship, if he or she has not done a serious crime. Which is an affront to Allah and his rasul (saw).
For example, one of the reasons why the Jews have become a cursed nation is due to, their continued rebellion & the disrespect they had shown, time and again to the many prophets which came in their progeny! Similarly, to brake away from the khalifah, or to not give bayah to the rightful Amirul Mumineen of the time, is a major sin in Islam. Which means, the curse and the punishment which follows thereafter will be equally heavy and serious. The only way the Palestinians can regain the help of Allah and can come out of the misery they are in, is if they return back to the sunnah, and repent of the crimes and grave rebellion they had done previously. All this nonsense of ‘VIVA Palestina’ will do no good in the long run. Nor, help the average sufferer. For many who go on these ‘food missions’ to Gaza and such places, it is nothing more than a holiday trip. In which they go round, have a good time and then come back home and continue living their normal lives. I know i am being very cynical when i say this, but this is not far from reality.

Next time you see the Palestinian cause being splashed across the many different TV channels, empathize with them, as one should with any oppressed. But also know the cause of why they are in such sorrowful state!

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

13 replies on “Allah’s curse is on the Palestinians!”

This is written by a Jew…no Muslim on this planet even entertain such a ridiculous nonsense.This is no curse but a test.


Your comment leaves me no choice but to reduce you to a imbecile. Indeed you comment is funny! It is people like you who fail to see life outside the fish bowl. Who fail analyse a problem objectively without bringing in the usual sentiments associated with a subject. Getting emotionally charged does not help to bring a different solution to the table, nor does it help to actualise the causes of our problems. Learn to leave aside your emotional psyche and deal with a discussion in a civilised manner. This is one of the major reason why the ummah is suffering. We are a people who are on ‘edge’.

Read this:


Lol @ this is written by a Jew 😛 Logically it makes sense, Allah does not burden a Person to an Extent to which he cannot bare…To the nearest effect, Allah says that his Reminders come in the Form of Calamaties and Problems, 1 or twice in a Year to remind people of their forgetfull ways…How long has the Calamities in Palestine been going on…? May Allah help them with Sabr, Shukr and Tawbah. May Allah also forgive me if i have said anything that is wrong, Ameen.


So the reality is that there is a nation in distress. What should the rest of us do who are not directly affected by the situation? The sunnah is to help them as we would help our very own brothers and sisters in trouble, to bee worried about their well-being as that is our religion.

May Allah raise their station and forgive them.


The title is shocking, and the theory is a interesting but it has two problems. One historical, the other Islamic. Historically as far as i am aware Muhammad Ali was a Egyptian nationalist, so he broke away from the ottoman Khilafah hence the people of Egypt also joined the nationalist bandwagon, so why has the curse not fallen on them, or the Saud, or others ?

We are presuming that Allah (swt) punishes a people for the sins of their forefathers.


The curse is not on the saud family as such because they did not set the trend of mationalism & nationalist pride. It was the Palestinians who set this trend which eventually caused theidea to take hold & spread like wildfire across the Muslim ummah. The saud family were not even invented until the 19th century. So this irrelevant. As one of Hadith goes, for every innovator who innovates (Biddah) in deen. For him is the sin of everyone who follows suit in his innovation. Similarly, The Palestinians were the trend setters of nationalism & nationalist pride. So, ultimately the curse of Allah will undoubtedly continue to come down on them. Of course I feel for them, the countless number of times they going through hardships. However, this post is not to highlight their plight. Everyone is well aware of this. My intention is to draw attention to one of the causes of their pitiful state. Secondly, you are correct in saying the crimes of the forefathers do not fall on the later generations. However, know that a sign of a place that has been cursed is when people pass by or come to live in the same area, the punishment also takes hold of them. For example, during the journey to the battle of tabuk. The companions were commanded by the prophet (saw) to travel past an area quickly as the curse of Allah was still present in that area. That place happen to be the place of Ad & Thamud. He commanded that they take nothing from that area, drink no water or stop to rest. Lest the curse of Allah falls on them. Imagine! Even with the prophet (saw) amongst them it was no assurance from being saved from the curse of that place!


The second problem with the theory is Islamic. We are presuming that Allah (swt) punishes a people or nation because of the sins of their forefathers. This idea of generational curses is actually a Judeo-Christian idea, and not a Islamic one. Whatever your forefathers did you are not accountable for it, nor will you be punished for it.


Yassin I totally agree with you! the jews are in a position of immense power they have money, media and many influential people behind them, there are two kinds of jews the orthodox jews that are wiling to live along side the muslims in peace and then you have the bastard Zionist jews who are evil power hungry bastards. And it is the Zionist devils that are wreaking havoc in the majority of muslim countries, they may not get what thy deserve in this life but they will in the hereafter


Looks like your a greater idiot for reading it then. Rememeber when you accuse semeone there are always 3 fingers pointing back at you. I think the brother made some very good valid points. Points that are very relavent to the crisis and situation of the middle east. Nationalism is a nasty disease that can tear apart any community deeply and leave behind a deep wound which most of the times never heals.


Are today’s Palestinians responsible for their forefather’s sins?
Interesting article because of some history, but be careful – it is after “mybeliefs”. If any of the ulema endorse this, then I am with you. What I fear is such views will only inflame fellow Muslims and play into the hands of our enemies… Israel and their paid lovers.


Law of karma and reincarnation. The Zionists are reborn but this time in Palestine and get a taste of their own medicine!


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