Shaykh Bahauddeen Zakariyyah’s teachings on finding your specific purpose in life.

-Allah does not deprive people unless they want to deprive themselves.

– He gives hope to those who may have not lived at the time of the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam). – One can live eternally with him in paradise. The fact that the prophet sallahualihiwasalam chose to leave this world is a sign to say this world is not the purpose but the hereafter. Otherwise when he was given the option to stay or leave and go the presence of Allah, he chose the latter.

– Shaykh baha Uddin Zakariyah passed away in this month of safar. A man of great gnosis, who once said every person had a specific purpose to fulfill coming into this world and if they do that it will catapult him into the closeness of Allah. The general purpose is a person has been created to worship Allah and to get to know him. Few people really know their specific purpose and do not seek what it is. Should they be serving the creation or seeking something else in order to fulfil their specific purpose? Shaytan hides this knowledge from a person, he will not let him realise the true potential in him. When this was something if the person knew his true potential he would excel and fly to Allah. We also see this In the sense of the world where a person will excel only when he knows the potential he has in him. Some are good at making things with their hands, where as others are better at theoretical knowledge, etc.

– Many of the awliyah realised their potential through tests and when they were told to do things by their teachers, e.g do this or that. Some were directed to a certain city like Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani and others to the jungle for a certain time. This is where they found the their specific purpose of existence in addition to the overall purpose. Either to serve the deen by teaching people or to guide others towards the right path. E.g Ibrahim AS moving to the middle of a barren land where there was no water or any civilisation. Only by doing this, the true nature of the event was revealed; the kabah was built, zamzam water was instigated, hajj given for Muslims etc. Ibrahim AS did not question why should I go to a barren land where there is no one living and no water? How will my family survive? By simply going there he unlocked the inner purpose. Similarly Shaykh Baha Uddin’s grandfather was commanded to move to Multan from the hijaz and settle there the fruits of which are clear today.
There are others who question everything, sometimes even things a teacher might tell them to do. Why do I have to do this or that for example. They do not find the fruits of their specific purpose and as a result they lose out. Shaytan did this to the command of Allah when Allah commanded him bow in front of Adam AS. Why should I bow when I am made from fire, was his answer. If he had fulfilled the command he would have fulfilled his specific purpose and attained more closeness to Allah.

-There is two types of migration – Hijra-
1) Permanent migration where one moves and lives there permanently in a new land for work and livelihood.
2) Someone moves to do a certain task assigned to them. E.g go and teach at in certain place.

– Allah has made it fair for everyone to benefit. Proximity of living near someone or a place is no barrier to benefiting. As long as a person has sincere intention and the willingness to sacrifice, then he will benefit no matter where or what time he lives in. Shaykh Baha Uddin lived in Multan Pakistan and was blessed with such knowledge it was like he was living with the prophet sallahualihiwasalam himself. Despite living in a non Muslim land (at that time) far away from Madinah or the time of the prophet sallahualihiwasalam.
Where as there were people living with the prophet sallahualihiwasalam and in madinah but were instead munafiqeen, hypocrites.

PICTURE: Morning Majlis @ the Zawiyah.

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