Tips on saving yourself from black magic

Yesterday i read an article on how someone came across a person who told him, every night he would go to the graveyard and do certain rituals. After which the ‘spirit’ of the individual upon who’s grave the magician was doing the rituals, came to him and asked how can i be of assistance to you. The person writing the article then further goes on to say that he found it strange, that this could happen. Obviously, the magician was trying to posses a jinn which he evidently did. Over the course of the article it became clear that the person was totally unaware of the black magic which is widely practiced. Especially in the Indian sub continent. Unfortunately, Pakistan and Bangladesh have become the capital centers of the world for black magic! I can say this safely without much hesitation, since the overwhelming majority of black magic cases originate from these two countries. This post is mostly for those sorts of people who are, to say it nicely, living in their own little fantasy worlds, where leprechauns and fairies govern the world! Totally oblivious to the harsh, and often times dark reality of the real world they are living in.
Black magic is no joke, and it is certainly not the futile trickery which you see on the tele either. Black magic has serious consequences which if the affected person does not seek solution to his/her life, will undoubtedly may even end up dead.
The prophet (saw) said those who practice magic, (If they are Muslims) have certainly done kufr, (which is disbelief) on everything he (saw) has brought as guidance. (paraphrased).

I have heard and read many cases where the magic has caused people to divorce, to fight and even deaths. Depending on the type of magic done, the severity of it is according to its level of evilness. The practitioners of such dark, and evil deed are usually people who have made it their expertise on this. They often times make a living out of it. Hence the popularity of such evil is widely practiced in the poorer third world countries, and the developing ones. At the forefront being Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are many misconceptions which are prevalent with this as-well. Many who think of evil immediately conjure up the image that the practitioner of black magic will be a dark, ugly, and a poor person. However, this is not the case! The evilness of an individual is not determined with how dark a person looks or how ugly he/she may be. Take the example of Abu lahab, the uncle of the prophet (saw), he was a very handsome and good-looking man. Yet, as every Muslim knows, evil and abu lahab’s name have become synonymous to each other. Other likely traits, are also that a well off individual who is financially, socially, and economically, stable may be the cause of the magic. It maybe a close family relative who out of jealousy has done such magic on the affected person simply because he/she has over taken them on a financial level or has become more popular than him/her. A One time poor person, and now one of the richest person in his/her locality. Many, if not all the cases are because of the jealousy; why such and such a person has got so much wealth and not them. Why has he or she become popular and not them, the list is endless.

Now, tips on saving yourself from such evil deeds:

1) If you happen to be traveling to the sub continent, then make sure all your relatives and friends are kept at a certain distance from you at all times. By this, i mean do not let them into your personal conversations too much. Letting them know your inner most secrets, how much you have back home, where you live etc. No matter how close they may seem. Do not show off, i mean do not go there and start to hire out the most expensive cars or wear the most expensive clothes just to show off your wealth and health! This is just inviting danger. Many of the people over there are poor, when someone sees a person in such wealth and pleasure he/she will become very jealous. As they are not experiencing the same as you, so why should you have it and not them. (I know, it s a very sad state, but this is the reality!) One of the biggest causes of black magic is this!. That some heard how much x or y has and as a result became jealous, who then in turn to vent his jealousy went to a magician to get the spells cast.

2)The most important out of all these is, never forget to read your morning and evening masoon adkars of the prophet (saw). The prophetic supplications are there to ensure your safety from these very spells and casts. As black magic is of different forms/types and done via different means, this is your best defense system against it. Black magic does not always have the need for the victim to be wearing an amulet or something likewise for it to take effect. A jinn can be possessed and then directed to spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically attack the victim. These duas’ will be your best defense against such attacks.

3) If, by any chance a person DOES end up giving you an amulet, telling you to wear it all the time. Then before you even take it, tell them what the content of the tazweez (amulet) is. If he/she refuse to tell you, and instead says it does not matter what it is, and that its there for your protection. Totally disregard it and throw it on their face, and i mean literally! just to let them know what you think of their ‘protection’. No matter who he/she maybe giving you such an amulet, if he of she does not explain to you its contents, then do not accept it. Many times the people who are affected by it is because they accept the amulet (taweez) without question as it is given to them by their uncles and aunts!

4) If you’re unsure yourself of such a talisman given to you, then before you happily wear it as a protection. Take it to a well grounded and well knowledgeable scholar. Who is fully aware of such crimes, and spells. Who can give answers and solutions from the Quran and the sunnah. Many local ulema in the masjids of Pakistan and Bangladesh are not aware of such evil, or if they are, they are cannot do much since they have minimal knowledge of the field.

5) If your are brave enough and have firm conviction that Allah will protect you, then open the taweez yourself just to be that extra careful, so that you can make sure that it is not anything dodgy. If inside you find strange numbers r strange signs and symbols instead of prophet duas, then IMMEDIATELY burn the evil taweez!!

6) In the Indian sub continent, powerful black magic is often sought, for severe effect on the victim. So, many times they ( the evil people) will not give you anything. If you see any signs of tiredness, illness which the doctors or the experts in the medical field(s) cannot detect. Then immediately, consult a professional, well qualified scholar. As it may be the severe type to black magic which has been cast on you.

There are more advises a person can take or give, before traveling to such places. But these should be the on the priority list of anyone who intends to travel to Pakistan or Bangladesh for example.
Take the issue of black magic seriously! it is no joke. Even the prophet (saw) was affected by it, after the arrival to madinah. A JEW cast spells of him (saw). He would occasionally have memory loss. After a few days Jibrail (as) informed the prophet (saw) of the cause of his memory loss. The person who performed the black magic and where the evil amulet was being kept. If the best of creation was affected by it (although only slightly, due to his spiritual power), then how can i or you say we are immune from it? if it was to affect us. God forbid!
Just like a person makes travel arrangements in terms of luggage, tickets, money etc. Make sure to also keep this in your checklist. Making sure you take all the relevant measures necessary to protect yourself from black magic before you travel. Many people leave this out and in hindsight they then regret not making such plans or seeking protection when evil descends on their lives. When they return back to the UK or even whilst they are in Pakistan or Bangladesh.
We should be doing and seeking such protection anyway from the prophetic sunnah for our daily protection and safety. However, this becomes of tantamount importance before traveling abroad to any country, especially Pakistan or Bangladesh.


Author: Sheikh Nazim

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

38 thoughts on “Tips on saving yourself from black magic”

  1. Hey dear,

    Hi, actually one of my relative already doea a vry hard-core black magic on my family and bussiness and due to this we are in very much trouble from 8 months n even till now not found any way to save orselves.
    So pleasse can u tell me any way to save my family and bussiness.

    1. My Allah (swt) help you and your family to get better soon inshaAllah. Ameen try and visit the following link below. It takes you step by step on how to cure oneself or even the processes one can take to a solution.

      Secondly, download the Prophetic Supplications from:
      these are specifically subscribed by the prophet (saw) in protecting oneself from black magic. read them morning and evening as it is mentioned. If there are any places which are affected then read it in that location as well.

  2. I am from Canada and would like to know about black magic. I think my brother did black magic on me and as a result he managed to fool everyone in Feni, Bangladesh and other relatives in Bangladesh to take all properties and bank balance my father left. Can you help me!

  3. I need help to get my beloved back to me. If it could be done by the black magic; then I don’t have any objection. As she used me so I need to get her back to make her clear that I really love her more than my life.

    1. Asalam mualaycum brother, Black magic is HARAM! If you need help in getting support, then the best way to do it is by following what the prophet (sallahu alihi waasalam) prescribed. He (sallahu alihi waasalam) said if a person needs help and support the best being to get it from is Allah (swt). – To the nearest meaning. This can be done by praying two rakats of prayer called salahtul Hajat. Then raising your hands by doing dua that he helps and guides you out of a difficult situation. Pleading at the door of Allah’s mercy.

  4. Dear i have somebody doing blackmagic i lost my job my memory my personality people ignore me i want to cure fromblackmagic thanks

  5. OMGGGG I seriously need help this black magic spell is beyond anything someone please listen and help me please RIGHT NOWW!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. No amulets are allowed but the way you use them is in question. Amulets that carry prayers are believed to be OK however its the amulets of jinns and demons that are forbidden however someone with religious knowledge such as a scholar should be asked about these questions in details.

  7. Hi,
    Just recently I found out that a “friend” was using black magic on me and also my other friends. This is evident as me and my friends have changed so much! We used to be good daughters and sons and never strayed from our goals but ever since that ‘friend’ came this year to our school, all of us are bring dragged down. We are losing too much focus on our studies and losing interest etc. mainly b/c (i’m certain) that the ‘friend’ is casting black magic on us all so we can fail like them…and I don’t know…worship them – buy stuff for them etc.

    I’m seeking some help now but do you know any talismans that can help me? thankyou

  8. However it is important to realize that the Fat Loss Factor is not a panacea that will magically remove any fat and If you are looking
    for a “lose 10 pounds in 10 days magical programs”, then The Fat Loss Factor is probably not for you.
    It does not care where you live, but it certainly does seem to thrive on the way you live.
    Of course, you should always consult your doctor for
    a thorough evaluation and prescription.

  9. It may sound like a mission, but 20 minutes is not a lot if you
    think about it. Prepare a paste of gram (Cicer arietinum) flour in raw milk.
    It becomes difficult to treat these scars and therefore acne must be treated with the help of oral drugs and topical creams
    and lotions.

  10. assalamu alaikum…as my father has been suffering from black magic…he has the habit of drinking alcohol, he gets angry soon, he losts his job and all properties….he always gets angry on my mother and her family..please help me…im waiting for your reply…

    1. 1) Read the masnoon dua’s of the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam) mentioned in the link in the article. Read it everyday after fajr and after magrib then send the blessing of protection to your dad via making dua to Allah.

      2) at tahajjud time read two rakat of salatul hajah, ideally every Monday’s and ask Allah to help you solve your/your family’s problem. Keep doing the above two deeds every day and wry Monday night islamically.

      Sent from my iPhone

    2. salams i know a very good moulana who helps with taweez and can tell you whats wrong with you or family just by menrioning ur name and ur parents will do a check and tell you whats wrong doesnt take any money whatsoever frm bradford though

      1. Hi raheema
        can u plz tell me where is that good moulana live or in which mosque he be’s in bradford thank u

      2. Hi naz he lives off midland road in bradford 8,manningham, called molana siraj,very powerful,sory dont hav exact address will find out number for you

      3. If someone asks for your name and especially your mothers name then I’m afraid they are using black magic, irrespective of whether they help you out of not.
        We must educate ourselves, and it’s not very hard at all, to recognise Magic when we see it.
        Please go through this website and learn.

        Sticking to the Quran and Sunnah is the only option.

    1. I have already sent a link to those dua’s on te comments reply one of the top ones. The person to recite these is you. It would be even better if your father can recite these. But this may not be the case as you said he is temperamental. But try asking him anyway if he refuses you do it with the conditions mentioned in my last reply.

  11. jazakallahu khaira… shud i blow my breath in water after reciting those dua’s and make drink to my dad..? for how many days shud i recite dua’s..?

    1. Just reading it will suffice. Do it everyday and if things are not working out try reading the dua’s and blowing on water then give it to your father.

      Sent from my iPhone

  12. My name is Mehedi Hasan. from:BANGLADESH. contact:+8801795707408 many ulama and hujur give me some amulets, ruqyah masturd oil+ drinking water+ river water to bath+ dhup for smoke. they say i’m affected by black magic. how can i understand i’m affected with black magic
    and remedy in sunnah way please help. before going to them,i took so many medical treatment but all test ( like USG,CITI SCAN ENDOSCOPY, BLOOD, STOOL etc) everything is normal. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.!!!!!!!!!!!!???? i’m puzzled what should i do???? I’ M CRYING TO ALLAH PLEASE HELP ME.

  13. hey there! i think my aunt did blck magic to our family n we are suffering a lots.. hw can we get relief frm this black magic

  14. plzz help me…I need your help miss I m suffering from black in my house one lady who is my chachi she doing black magic on me that’s why I m missing my dates of month ,periods..plz help me help meet lzz miss because she us trying to kill me .I want to alive more year so plz help me mam aunty ,sir whatever u are I request u. very heartily.plz help me

  15. pz sir help me I am suffering from black magic for5yrs always lots of pain in my body i saw bad dreams its attack me very badly how can I relieve this black magic

  16. Asalam mualaycum,
    I am writing this for my mom, As far as i concern, someone from my village, did black magic to my mom, and my mom is very ill, if any body can plz, help my mom by given some advice, plzzzzzzzz

  17. Assalamualaikum, I’m jasmin.l m from Bangladesh.I want to state that our family suffering by black magic for a long period of time.I wanna save my family from that witch woman monoara begum who is from maijdi noakhali.she doing black magic and want to harm my children and me and my husband. Plz tell me the way to protect ourselves from that evil.

  18. Salam alaykum
    I’m facing black magic at the moment I have all the symptoms: financial problems, lose of memory, lose of friends, anger and fear, conflicts and arguments without a reason,weight loss, I feel like leaving the country and I also have suicide thoughts.
    I want to ask if theif my duaas are answered by Allah (SWT) is everything and I’m cured, Inshalla
    Is everything going to be back to normal?

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