Allah is the best being to deal with


It is often heard in fiery speeches being said ‘Allah is the best companion & friend to have. It is he who is the best of all support’.
But, more often than not, the audience are left with more questions than answers. ‘why is Allah the best friend to have? Why is he the best support?.’ At times this leaves people being more confused with ‘who is Allah’? Than actually clarifying who Allah is.
In this lecture shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh elaborates why Allah is who he is. Why we should make Allah our best friend. Due to our weakness and having no desire to learn knowledge.
we do not know Allah, consequently this causes us to give Allah’s eternal attributes to creation and have hope in creation rather than him.

Discourse notes: 10/09/12

Allah has mentioned to us only a small number of his attributes. By which we can know him. Also, in the Quran he has given guidance more than what we need. So that we may be successful in this world and the next. The guidance is for all, from the lowest person to the highest spiritually strong servant of Allah. Infact the awliyah and the saliheen who have reached the highest stations of marifah. Say ‘o Allah you cannot be praised as you deserve to be praised’. They have understood the real essence and known Allah a more than us lowly people who are engrossed in sins. We, unfortunately don’t know Allah. For example, we know the difference between a tissue and a cheque. Although both are pieces of paper. But, we do not know the difference between Allah & creation. We give the qualities and attributes of Allah to creation. When we understand who Allah is through the attributes he has taught us. We will be able to pull ourselves away from the shackles of dunya.

It is easy to deal with Allah and befriend him because;

1) Allah is not in need of anyone. He has no ulterior motives. He is –
– As Samad:-
He does not need anyone. This means to deal with Allah will be easier than creation. As every creation has a ulterior motive. If he or she receives this or that benefit he will be with you.
-Allah is Al Ghani. No one can harm him.
-Allah is Al Khudus. The being who cannot be fathomed. The capabilities of the mind stop in contemplating Allah. Allah isSomeone which the mind can never imagine.

2) Allah never forgets the good a person does:-
For instance, many people forget favours which a person does. Which is at times the cause of many frictions amongst people. -‘don’t you remember this favour I did for you some time ago?’ – it is the nature of humans to forget.
– The difference with Allah is, no matter how small a good deed a person does. He WILL never forget it. It’s rewards will be given.
3) Allah never misunderstands anyone:-
Again this is a major cause of problems with people and the world in general. At times you say something but the person you are speaking to misunderstands you. Allah never misunderstands or misinterprets what you say.

4) Allah is the being who can never be forced to commit an act. No one can over power Allah:-
Many times in the world we hear of kidnaps and ransoms being made as someone is overpowering someone else. Although a family member may not want to harm you, but because of pressure he or she is under from society, people and friends, they harm you. Allah is Jabbar & Kahhar

5) Allah is not incapable of protecting you:-
Humans and creation at times because of weakness cannot help or protect you when you need it. In which as a result you are harmed.

6) Allah is perfect and creation is imperfect:-
So to deal with Allah we will always find perfect answers and solutions to our problems. Whereas humans will always give imperfect advices/help and guidance. Allah does not need to get help from anyone or anything. He is qawi. All creation need support and help from him.

7) Allah knows what is to come in future. He knows the past, present and future:-
No one else knows what will happen to him tomorrow. Yet, Allah does. Allah has knowledge of the future. He knows how your deal in a business transaction for example will be in 10/20 years time.

8) The devil can never influence or impact Allah:-
Humans and creation will undoubtedly be influenced by the devil. As they are weak and frail in many respects. Allah jalla’wala is free from all this.
Even though a person may be sincere and a well wisher of you. Nonetheless he can be influenced by the devil.

9) Allah can never be bribed or he never comes into the want for
As ultimately, everything is his creation. So nothing can be used to bribe him into doing an act.
we know this is probably the biggest reason of corruption in the world, bribery and ‘want to have’. This destroys family/friends and creation in general.

In summary, this is why it is easy to deal with Allah. He is free from all these and many more weaknesses which the creation undoubtedly has and is prone to. Allah is such a being who is the best friend, the best business partner, the best support you can have.

By ServantofAlMalik

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