MBC TV Channel: Omar (R) Series

Many of us idealize and more often than not, fantasize, how it would have been like to stand side by side with the companions and the prophet (saw) in jihad and in salah. In times of peace and in times of tranquility. We easily forget the flip side of the coin, which has a picture of severe adversities, struggle and hardship etched in. No doubt, to harbour longings to be with the prophet (saw) and his companions is a praiseworthy action. However, we have to stop kidding ourselves. We can’t even find the strength to lift our duvet covers for fajr salah. Ye,t we have wishful thoughts of how we would have been at the forefront defending the prophet (Saw). More likely, (Allah forbid) we would have been defending Abu Jah!

MBC, the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation had launched a 2012 Ramadan initiative, in which they produced a series entitled ‘Omar (r) series’. This, as you would guess, is about the life of Syyiduna Umar ibn Al Khattab (r). A biopic series depicting a companion luminous of the Prophet Mohammed (saw). Who was a pillar of sunnah and shariah. Many of the aspects it covers hardly any of us would have known or heard of. MBC have gone to great lengths to represent his life story in its actuality. With endorsements from the likes of Shaykh Yusuf Qardawi, you can rest assured most, if not all the contents of the programme is accurate. With funding from Qataris, the series is not like any other. IF you have seen ‘the Final Legacy programme’ which airs on Islam channel every now and then, and are assuming the ‘Omar (r) series’ will be the same, in quality and film production. Think again. This series is very well presented and well thought out. The cinematography and the use of latest blockbuster technology further enhances the production which brings out the best in ‘Islāmic programmes’. It engages the audience from the very beginning. Leaving you feeling immersed in the programme.
Leaving aside potential controversial issues which the programme may cause to arise, by showing the faces of the Kulafah Ar Rashideen and the rest of the companions, save the mothers of the believers and the prophet (Saw). I would recommend people watch the series, which is available on you tube. Understandably, the series is in Arabic. But, not to worry, as there is subtitles provided for the non-arabic speaking audiences. One thing which the Muslims in general usually lack is, its inability to bring out the life stories of the legendary companions on-screen for the young and old generations to enjoy and take lessons from. For surely, reading and listening has its benefits and limitations on the hearts. Whereas, visual depictions of the lives of the prophets (saw) companions would add a different flavor and level of understanding. Which will InshaAllah go towards aiding people become more practicing Muslims. There are more than 6 or 7 Islāmic TV channels already available to watch. Why then are the masses not interested? The reason is simply, Islāmic TV channels lack the quality programmes which normal channels have. Either it is merely a series of lectures being aired time and again, or a mediocre attempt at producing a 5/10 min nasheed video. Other than that, Islamic channels hardly have anything to offer. Now, that against the action-packed, all-guns-blazing Hollywood movies, who would want to draw themselves away from that to watch a series of lectures given by a person who does not even speak the same language! In the ummah we are not short of sermons and orators. Alhamdulliah we have plenty, unfortunately as other means of communications and TV programmes have moved on and improved in quality and standards. Islamic channel are still 10 or 20 years still behind, in terms of having anything of quality.

It is suffice to say, MBC have done justice (to an extent) by producing this series. IT allows a person to fully dive into the series and feel as you have been transported back in time. The houses, people, animals, the environment, the heat and the everyday sceneries make it almost feel its surreal. Books and lectures give you some understanding of the companions lives. However seeing it with your eyes adds another dimension to the understanding altogether. The action-packed, hand-to-hand combat scenes just brings home the message of how life was tough back then. No two days went without there being a jihad fought. On all fronts, From Madinah to Iraq. The companions did not live a life as we often times paint it to be. Our ‘airy fairy’ idea of there being peace, easiness, and lazy days’ are shattered by this series. IT will leave you with having no doubt of the fact how Syyiduna Khalid ibn Al Waleed for example, lead two or more jihad in a single day! In the blazing heat of the Arabian desert! traveling at times for miles and miles with no rest. Watching this series made me realise one thing, Indeed the companions were super humans! The feats of bravery they displayed in jihad, and the devotion to Islam they had, we cannot begin to even dream of. Never mind being able to endure what they had to.
Their love and steadfastness in Islam and sunnah is unbelievable and frankly, no words can explain it! There is one thing being loyal, another thing having dedication. But, being fearless in your loyalty that drives your dedication to a cause is something unfounded in the history of the human civilization. If the word ‘fearless’ was to replaced by just the name of ‘Khalid ibn al Waleed (r)’ it would do justice, to show what a man he was. This series more than anything, drives home this message; Life was extremely volatile and for us weak ‘by-names-muslims-only‘ we could not have even lasted 1 hour. That our claims to love and bravery have to be backed up bay action, in following the Quran and sunnah! Merely, uttering ‘we love the prophet (Saw)’ will do us no good or get us anything. The companions showed this with their lives. Never mind anything else. Something which is illustrated brilliantly by this series.

It is amusing to think, at our times of ignorance and stupidity, we think ‘if i was at the time of the prophet (Saw) i would have been like Syyiduna Abu Bakr, a defender of Islam, or a fearless mujahid like Syyiduna Khalid ibn al waleed (r). How wrong we are, and how bewilderingly stupid that thought is! Watching the ‘Omar (r) series’ is very humbling, simply put, it shows us, why they are who they are, and why we are who we are in our pitiful, sad and pathetic state!

  • Just as a speech or a discourse gives a Muslim motivation to strive harder in deen and sunnah, programmes such as this serves the same purpose. We have the ability to take support and lessons from it.
  • By ServantofAlMalik

    Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

    5 replies on “MBC TV Channel: Omar (R) Series”

    This just highlights the ignorance in our communities. The lack of education through reading books has lead the non-Muslim world to be controlled through media and we are following in their footsteps.

    Do you recommend watching movies? What is the difference? Although the target audience may be taken into consideration: the fact that non-mahram women will be shown; actors will be idolized; women will see men as sexual objects; men will see the women as sexual objects and information can easily be manipulated without the mass audience being aware all points towards ‘LAA YAAHTNEE’ (the wasting of precious time) and some may say the higher category of ‘LAAGU’ (sinful activities).

    The amount of information that can be absorbed while watching these programs in comparison to reading is NOTHING. The Christian community to a large extent don’t know anything about their faith because T.V is their only source of information. The Muslim communities are now largely supporting Sky movies, Zee TV, Sky 1, etc. Dramas are now more important to Salah. Astonishing enough, making programs mocking Muslims is acceptable to the majority of Muslims as well as enjoyed.

    For you to promote this video with good intention is naive. You should encourage reading Islamic books and getting information from Scholars rather than program makers.

    Think about the huge injustice when BBC had programmed a documentary on the Prophet. Although I did not watch it, I was informed by many regarding the pain in their hearts. The MASSIVE problem was that the masses of Muslims tried to learn about their Nabi from BBC and not Muslims.

    No offence to anyone. May Allah guide the Ummah.


    If this is your attitude to life, then you should be living in a cave away from the world and people. Islamic film production is more needed now than ever before. Are you telling me, the youth and the general masses will be swayed to piety just by reading books? It seems like you are living in a era where everyone else has moved on from, except only you. Hardly anyone reads these days. At best only a selected number of people watch lectures. And, these are predominantly elders and not the youth. How do you expect to grab the attention of the youth by only telling them ‘go and read books’?. When there are far more appealing instruments of the devil available for them to take up. Things which are far more interesting & with the times.


    Allah has provided us with the media as main part of communication. You are probably aware that approximately 30% of the Muslim around the world knows how to read and out of those 30% only a very small percentage is willing to read history of Islam. Therefore what you proposing is not a solution to understanding Islam. This is 21st Century and Allah has given us media to progress in understanding Laws of Allah. Wake-Up – it is thought like yours that is hurting Islam and its progress.


    You have misunderstood and misread what I have said. Re-read the post for your own clarification.


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