Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Characteristic of the ‘As – Siddiq’, the truthful people

Discourse Notes: Thursday 22/11/12

The truth always strands strong no matter what the situation is.
2+2 is always going to be 4 nothing less or greater.
So the question is why are some called ‘Siddiq’? – The truthful. One of the thing about ‘truth’ is, it will never change, a person can. He can make up things or waver. Where as ‘Siddiq’ are those people who are truthful, do not move from the truth – the straight path. Their inner selves are immovable. This is a special status among people. Not all can be the ‘truthful’.
– One of the prophets who had this title is called ‘Yusuf’ (as). His life went through a roller coaster. – Big changes happened in his life, his brothers betrayed him, he got sold as a slave etc. Despite this he did not move from the truth.
– Although sold into slavery, tempted by women, he was as he was. Strong in being steadfast, in truthfulness. When we complain of the situations and difficult times which force us to change. We cannot really blame anyone as we have a level of resistance within us. – We should utilise this for the truth. Yes, situations and people can have effect on people. But, we too can resist their pressures etc.
– The biggest friend of Allah (at his time) is also called a ‘Siddiq’.

Syyiduna Abu Bakr (R) was known as ‘Siddiq’. When the most severest calamities fell on the Muslims with the passing away of the prophet (saw). It was Syyiduna Abu Bakr (R) who held the Muslim community together. He did not change on being the ‘Siddiq’, the truthful. Unlike us, when a single opportunity for sin arises, we leap on it.
– If the previous religious books of other nations have become void. Which does not allow us to take our ‘Islam’ from, then how can we base out beliefs on the works of other historians? – similarly, the views of the companions, Islāmic history, law etc cannot be taken from historical books written by others. To stress the point, – we cannot even make law from weak Hadith. Then how can a person base his opinions of companions based on historical works?
– The reason why people have different views about the Ahle-bayat and the companions is because they base their views on historical works. So, if the prophet (saw) said; ‘Hussain (R) is from me and I am from him’. (Paraphrased Hadith) Now, no matter who says what, we do not take their views into consideration. We go by what the prophet (saw) said. If the prophet (saw) said; ‘Umar (R) is in paradise’. (Paraphrased hadith)
This means he would live and die on Islam. Now, no matter what history says about him or any of the other great companions. We do not care, we only take the words of the prophet (saw) in to account, the Hadith.

Advise of Syyiduna Umar (R) continued:

1) ‘My life has always been to become the shadow of the holy prophet (saw). The true strength is not of the physical, but of the inner strength.
– [We are such people, that a single whisper of the devil moves us. If we are suffering then we should seek the help of Allah. Satan is not our lord, so he has no power. It is Allah who has the power. He is the ‘Malik’. He is the owner of the worlds, the creation. Satan is not the owner of anything, even his own body. He only has the ability to whisper, nothing else. It is humans who have given him this false image of strength. Syyiduna Umar (R) was feared by the devils, both in the physical and spiritual sense. The reason why the devils feared him is because, he (Umar (R)) was trying to become the shadow of the prophet (saw).

– The worst death is to die being the slave of the devil.
It is the humans who have made the devil more than what he is. Since we too have become devils, this is why the devil has (false) power over us. When we say the testification of faith, we are saying our role model, our prophet (saw) is the prophet (saw). Not the devil, he can never be our prophet. This is why the saints of the past and present say just ignore the satanic whispers].

3) ‘The strength comes from the heart. Have purity and sincerity in the remembrance of Allah. The strict following of sunnah, the purity, and sincerity are the support/ the strength for the spiritual heart’. It (the heart) has the power and can be the carrier of entire galaxies of the universes. This strength of the heart cannot be captured or weighed. Train you heart & your body to have this strength. Never cut the remembrance of Allah, but cut the connection with creation. – Whatever takes you away from Allah. For example, I was inspired by Allah the day before I was struck with the dagger, I was aware of the incident. So, I had two choices. Either I could save my self and break my connection of salah, losing Allah’s presence. Or, the second is I stay in his connection and be in the yearning to meet the prophet (saw). I choice the latter. I was not bothered, I wanted to keep the connection with Allah. I wanted to show people, nothing should disconnect you with Allah. I could have also chosen to overcome the opponent and stop the dagger entering my body. But, my time had come to leave this world. Two things were beloved to me. My love for Allah’s command, by giving him preference over everything. Secondly, my wish was to be with the prophet (saw). Had I wanted to I could have used the offer of the angels to protect me from the impending harm. But I declined as my time had come.
– [We have a different attitude to life. The first connection we cut is of The Lord of all the worlds. We are going for darkness, evil and disobedience in our life. This is why the devil is strong in our lives. The righteous go for the light, the actions of piety and servitude. This is why they attain these stations, the closeness of Allah and his beloved].

3) ‘Disconnect yourself from the world and connect yourself to Allah. The presence of Allah will lead you to the closeness of Allah & to his prophet (saw). This month is the month of sacrifice. You look to yourself and see what you can sacrifice for Allah. You become my sword, and sacrifice your desires for Allah’.

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