What makes a great leader

BBC 2 – ‘The dark charisma of Hitler’

I always wanted to know what makes people loyal to another person. What makes the loyalist become fully convinced of a course, a leader, or an idea. The underlying reason is ‘charisma’. That is, the charm that can inspire others of devotion to a person or a group’s leader.

Wether a person is religious or not, right or wrong, to attain a following or an acceptance of your idea. The fundamental factor of charisma has to be there. From the world leaders to religious figures. All had a strong attribute of charisma following through their blood. It enabled them to move people in ways others could not. Usually, this is fed with the promises of success and comfort. A single success or a fulfilment of a prophesied idea adds fuel to the charisma of the leader’s words and promises. This is then used to propel dreams and aspirations of his/her followers.
BBC 2 aired a two-part programme on the ‘The dark charisma of Adolf Hitler’. To understand the nuances which makes an influential leader this is good starting point. It will give you insight into the thinking on how leaders usually think. How they formulate ideas and dreams of ‘better times to come’.
Coupled with having conviction for an idea and a charisma to fuel the work there will be a guaranteed loyal followers.

Being able to speak in concise words that have few words but carry deep meanings adds weight to grabbing people’s attention. Generally people do not like to read, learn or research topics. All they prefer is be spoon fed and led into success.

By ServantofAlMalik

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