How to spend the 15th Shaban [Optional]

Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyya’s views on the 15th night of Shaban.

Even Ibn Taymiyya — the putative authority of “Salafis” — considered the night of mid-Sha`ban “a night of superior merit” in his Iqtida’ al-sirat al-mustaqim:

[Some] said: There is no difference between this night (mid-Sha`ban) and other nights of the year. However, the opinion of many of the people of learning, and that of the majority of our companions (i.e. the Hanbali school) and other than them is that it is a night of superior merit, and this is what is indicated by the words of Ahmad (ibn Hanbal), in view of the many ahadith which are transmitted concerning it, and in view of what confirms this from the words and deeds transmitted from the early generations (al-athar al-salafiyya). Some of its merits have been narrated in the books of hadith of the musnad and sunan types. This holds true even if other things have been forged concerning it.25

Among the hadiths stressing the status of laylat al-bara’a are the following:

1. Ibn Hibban narrated from Mu`adh ibn Jabal in his Sahih the following narration which the hadith scholar and editor of the Sahih Shu`ayb Arna’ut confirmed as sound:

The Prophet said : yattali`u Allahu ila khalqihi fi laylati al-nisfi min sha`bana fa-yaghfiru li-jami`i khalqihi illa li mushrikin aw mushahin.

Allah looks at His creation in the night of mid-Sha`ban and He forgives all His creation except for a mushrik (idolater) or a mushahin (one bent on hatred).26

Haythami said that Tabarani also narrated it in his Kabir and Awsat with chains containing only trustworthy narrators, that is: sound (sahih) chains; Ibn Khuzayma included it in his Sahih, which has the same level of acceptance among the experts as Sahih Muslim; and even Albani included it in his Silsila sahiha!

Below are a set of optional deeds to perform on the 15th Shaban.

This is the month which is beloved to the prophet (sallallaho alyhi wasalam) it is his month of remembrance, a month of attaining closeness, a month before the month of mercy, a count down to the month of Ramadaan.

On the 15th of Shaban, Allah Azzawajal descends the judgment of the fate of all beings. Their names are added or taken off on the books of the fortunate and unfortunate ones, the book oflife to the book of death.

This day is a special occasion. Before their judgment, Allah Azzawajal makes an announcement to all beings, Does any one wants to be forgiven? Is anyone going through hardship and wants their problems to be lifted? An announcement to all people to whatever they wish.

[With any announcement one should respond in the best of actions]

One should fast during the day and be submitted in worship at night.

One should perform Two Rakaats of Salatul Tawbah. Begging Allah forgiveness for all shortcomings one has done in the past and seek forgiveness in the future with every breath.

Two Rakaats Salahtul Shukr, thanking Allah for all the blessings of this life, as one can never be thankful enough.

Two Rakaats of Salahtul Istakharah, beg Allah to guide us upon this life as one is always in need of their guidance.

Two Rakaats of Salahtul Haajah (prayer of need), one should Beg Allah to keep us under the blessings of their Rahmah, bestowing us what we are in need of. What is good for us so we may die in the best of state.

After perform the Salah, perform theses Tasbi Amaals:

10 x Durood

10 x La ilaha Illalah

10 x La ilaha illa anta subahanak inni kuntum minzwalamin

10 x Astag firullah Alazi la ilaha ilahu alhayul qayum wa a tub u ilay

10 x Radi tu bilahi raban wa bil islami deenan wa be Mohammad [Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam] nabiya

10 x Wa la hawla wa la quwata illabillah

10 x Durood

One should imagine the letter of his request is being sent to Allah Azzawajal, the request of forgiveness, thankfulness, guidance and helplessness. Beg forgiveness for all shortcomings in remembrance of Allah.

Imagine your hearts calling Allah, as the blessed names of Allah is striking your body, awakening your entire soul in the realms of Allah’s remembrance.

Imagine the blessed names of Allah are flowing through your body, feeling the presence of Allah, so one is never alone. So never leave this presence. Do not leave this night as only one night of worship in your life, but make it a beginning to the start towards the closeness of Allah.

One should also try and perform

10 minutes of Munajaat. Conversing with Allah, telling Allah ones problems, and hardship that he may be going through, also seeking toeliminate the obstacle of ones disobedience in order to become closer to Allah.

Imagine the light of Allah’s name washing your body, washing away all the hardship and clearing the path to see the closeness of the righteous path. So run towards the kingdom of Allah, who awaits for your presence. Those who run with their souls will be the ones who shall achieve the pleasure of Allah.

The souls of humans can only run / fly through purification. [Darkness is what drags the soul down. The grease of sin and the weight ofdisobedience are like rocks of grease always dragging a person down, so they become lazy and non responsive to the call of guidance]

So begin the flight towards Allah’s kingdom. Those who fail to travel shall be left behind [in darkness] they shall sink to the pits of Hell. [Those who fail to purify].

They only enjoy for a short period until their lives have expired. But those who fly, never wish to stop, they attain closeness before death.

For the seeker, death is the gift of meeting the Lord of All, Allah [Azzawajal].

One should perform the following Zikr during the night

Allah, Allah – for 20 minutes

Call Allah with every part of your body. Imagine you are in the presence of Allah. Call Allah with all His qualities;imagine the blessed names are absorbing inside your heart. Imagine the blessed names are enlightening you anddisintegrating darkness into radiance and fragrance of Remembrance. Those who call shall receive a special light of the names of Allah for surely for those who deserve.

Radi tu bilahi raban wa bil islami deenan wa be Mohammad [Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam] nabiya -for 20 minutes

Thank Allah with submission, that you have received the greatest of gifts (iman). It is to be able to know ones Lord [Allah was a hidden treasure who has revealed himself to us].

To be pleased in the religion of Islam and to have the appreciation of the greatest of guidance which was bestowed upon the Prophet [Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam].

Beg Allah that your heart is pleased in all the decisions of Allah and to die in the state of thankfulness of this Azkhars, so that one day Allah can be pleased with you.

Beg Allah that they be pleased with us in both worlds.

Imagine you are in the presence of Allah, in submission to the words of your request that our Lord maybe pleased with us.

That one has not pleased Allah the way one should.

Those who submit with true heart, they shall be the ones who will be raised on the day of Judgment as those who have sacrificed their lives for Allah, for surely Allah will please them.

One should also do the tasbi Amaals:

100 x Astag firullah Alazi la ilaha ilahu alhayul qayum wa a tub u ilay

100 x Durood and Salaam

What to think:

Send Durood upon Prophet (sallallaho alyhi waslam) and hiscompanions so you may attain the closeness to his sallallaho alyhi waslam ways. Thanking Allah for the guidance received, begging Allah to keep you in the footstep of his ways.

Imagine you are walking towards Prophet (sallallaho alyhi waslam’s) Kingdom, following his footsteps until you reach his arms.

Those who want the kingdom of Prophet (sallallaho alyhi waslam) closeness shall reach his arms in both worlds.

Those who are on the path of Tareeqah Muhammadiyahshould double their personal amaals on this blessed day and night. Through this, they shall receive the boost of closeness to the Prophet (sallallaho alyhi waslam).

Use the time well, this is not just a night of worship but it is a new beginning to your lives, a new leaf, a new beginning to walk towards Prophet (sallallaho alyhi waslam’s) closeness.

Laylatul Bara’ah is the beginning and end to a chapter of your lives. A new chapter is made, so begin the path to closeness and end the path of evilness.

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