“living the dream”

Although i hate fox news, however from time to time i like to read certain articles which clearly shows through their latest attempts at demonizing Islam and Muslims. The Daily express newspaper here in UK and Fox news have one thing in common at least. Which is they seem to have made it their top most important ‘to-do’ action to belittle and ridicule Muslims and Islam. Over the many years i have seen how both these establishments have grown their hatred towards Islam. Using every opportunity to plaster their headlines with anti Islamic rhetoric. Anyway, my post here is not to mention how they are trying their best to make fun of Islam. Today i was reading one article on there which brought back home the stack reality of the dunya. Which should and is be a strong reminder for all of us.
This is, that a healthy, popular, sporty, young teenager at the verge of his life, a youth living his dreams, suddenly collapsed during the dying moments of a basketball game of which he was the star player. After scoring the final basket, he simply collapsed and died on the spot! – SubhanAllah he had everything and at a time like many of us who dare to think about the important issues of life he had to face the harsh reality of life whether he like it or not.
read the story here
InshaAllah i good reminder for all of us.

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