General Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Paradise of the Dunya Vs the Akhirah

Monday 7th march 2011

Disclaimer: The following are notes made from the ‘Paradise of the Dunya Vs Akhirah’ discourse of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh. These are paraphrased words of the shaykh. To listen or watch the discourse please visit:
For here here
and the video here

It was said:

1) Everyone here on earth is trying their best to make their own version of paradise, i.e to have the best things in life, a wife, car, house etc. According to our estimation, when the paradise of Allah is according to him. Which is where the real paradise is. Everyone is making their own paradise according to their level and understanding. For example: the children concept of paradise is to have the best toys or to drink. For the teenagers it is the fashion, horse/cars etc. It goes on to change according to the age. Their (our) idea of paradise, an idea of peace.

*one is the idea of how Allah wants to give peace/pleasure to us. The other is that we want to give pleasure to ourselves with our limited understandings and knowledge. Our knowledge is limited*

2) As mentioned in the Quran, following is the normal cycle that every man or woman follows:
First is the attraction to the opposite sex/fashion – A desire to have a companion etc.
Second is the desire to have children. – To continue the progeny.
Third is the need to have wealth. – Seeking ways to advance in worldly goods.
Fourth is to attain name and fame. – A means to achieve this is by entering in the political world.
These are the stages every soul goes through in life with the fourth stage being a persons end usually. This is when he/she has reached old age.

3) We try to make our own version of paradise with bits from here and there. For example the idea of farkinstine. -(the idea was to create a human but the creator ended up creating a monster, due to his inability to understand and have knowledge of how the human functions). We try to create a paradise when in reality it will be a monster at the end. – Allah wants to take stones (the dunya and it’s evilness) away from us and in return give us jewels (the bliss of paradise).
You cannot go in the past but you can change your future. So, go for the future. If you loved to live in madina at the time of the prophet but could not because of time constraints then in paradise you can. You can live with him 10 million,billion,zillion years, never mind 10 years!
Work for your future and not the past as what happens in the past cannot be changed but the future can. It can be changed into being an eternal bliss or punishment.

By ServantofAlMalik

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