How to avoid feeling dejected and resentment towards Allah

Discourse notes: Thursday 02/05/13

Recap of previous thursday discourse:

4 major obstacles for a Muslim and his relationship with Allah.

1) dunya
2) nafs
3) shaitan
4) people

Today’s focus is on shaitan.
– shaitan is a creature who is masterful in the art of deception. He is aware why certain people worship Allah. With what motives and how to capitalise people on this and drift them away from Allah.
He attacks in three ways:
1) by creating a false and devilish mindset
2) through the actions of a person
3) by exploiting a person’s desires.

For example, the devil will firstly attack a person’s intention. Once that is corrupted he then he moves to the corrupting the actions of a person. Followed by using the desires to draw a person away from Allah.

As soon as a person attaches a motive or desire for worshipping Allah, i.e he wants peace, wants to get married etc. He opens the door for the devil to occupy and corrupt his intentions & deeds. Although a person can ask for these things and it is not a sin. However, a person should realise that when a motive/wish will be attached to a worship and then not fulfilled. It is most likely a person will drift away from Allah. Feeling dejected and alienated, a feeling which will further be fuelled by the devil through the devilish whispers.
The correct thing to do is ask Allah through the window of dua. A person should separate the worship from corruption of intention.
When a person will unconditionally worship Allah, the shaitan admits defeat. For he can never attack a person who worships Allah unconditionally! – A person who is a muklis (sincere).
One of the most successful tactics of the devil is using evil whispers. He strategically places whispers to create doubt and resentment in a person.
The prophet (peace be upon him) said:
Four things are forgiven of this ummah:
1) whispers of doing evil/thinking of doing evil.
2) being forced to do an act
3) doing a sin out of forgetfulness.
4) negative & bad thoughts.

As long as a person does not act on the above INTENTIONALLY, he will not be accountable to Allah.

2) The devil uses halal needs and converts it to unlawful deeds to lead mankind astray. For example, sleeping is lawful. However when a person sleeps at the time of fajr, it becomes haram and harmful for the individual. Whereas on the other side, every action of the prophet (peace be upon him) is worship. He (sallahu alihi wasallam) showed us how to fulfil the lawful needs of sleep, marriage, socialising etc.
The key to remember is, whatever halal actions a person does it should be kept in moderation, balance. The devil takes this moderation out of balance and exploits it makes it to the extremes. For instance, to socialise is halal and a human need. However to always being doing it, without any restraints will become harmful ad end up becoming a sin.

When worshipping Allah, do so completely and unconditionally. With no strings attached. That, ‘if I pray I will get peace’. Worship Allah for Allah. If one wants peace he should ask through the prophetic method of dua. Worship should alway be separate from a need or want. If a person wants to have something this is allowed in Islam and should ask by doing dua.
– Shaitan sometimes uses lawful needs to exploit a person into doing unlawful deeds. For example, earning livelihood is a lawful need. However, the devil sometimes makes people earn livelihood at the expense of a pwrson’s life in the hereafter. Always day ad night working with no end or time for Allah, family, friends or Islam in general.

By ServantofAlMalik

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