Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The intention we should have when sending durood and Salam

“The intention we should have when sending durood and Salam”

9th September 2011

Notes from the durood majlis:

The purpose of durood and salam is not that the prophet (saw) benefits. It is actually we who benefit by sending blessings upon him. The reason is the lord of all the worlds – allah, sends peace and blessings upon him always, anyway.
The intention we should have when sending durood and Salam is we are doing shukr (thankfulness) for sending us the beloved messenger (saw).
However, if anyone really wants to make the prophet (saw) happy. It is by trying to save a Muslim from hellfire. It is said that the prophet (saw) will not be happy even in paradise, until every Muslim has entered paradise. – subhanAllah!
Even in jannah he will be grieved for the members of the ummah who are in hellfire. To the extent it is said that the beloved messenger will go to hell on the day of judgement, to rescue Muslims from hell. As a result, out of the respect and honour of the best of creation, hell will become cool and calm as long as he will be in hell.
What to say about the messenger, When It is said when even a wali of Allah passes the bridge of seerat on the day of judgement the hell will say ” o friend of Allah go quickly over this bridge, as your presence is causing hell to become cool”.
– The beloved loves the ummah more than himself! We learn this as when he was going through hardships he did not do dua against anyone. However, we find that he did when anyone of his ummah was harmed.
– when some of the companions (60/70) who were the best of the qur’aa (reciters, scholars) were sent to an area to teach islam on the request of the locals. They (the companions) were all killed. Following this event the prophet (saw) made a dua against them. – a whole month!
He never did this for personal reasons, but for the well-being and protection of his ummah he did this.
We have hypocritical attitudes, in one sittings we say we love the prophet (saw). Yet, in another sittings we go againts the sunnah.
– the people who shave are actually not causing the blade to shave their faces but that they are harming the body of the beloved. As every sunnah is from him (saw). He (saw) said whoever loves me, loves the sunnah. As the sunnah is from me. – to the nearest, meaning, wording and effect.

-When we are dealing with people we should know where the link ends. As Allah has said the person who does not thank the people has not thanked me. As thanking the creation is thanking Allah.
– once the prophet (saw) was very concerned noticing this, the companions asked “what is wrong o messenger of Allah?”
He (saw) said: “one of my companion is suffering in the grave this is why I am concerned.
He (saw) then said to the companions, go and call his wife. The companions followed the command and when the wife came in the presence of the prophet (saw). the prophet (saw) asked her is there any rights which he violated of your’s.
The female companion of the messenger of Allah replied, “o messenger of Allah your calling me is enough as a warning for me. But, yes my husband was very harsh with his words”. Following this the prophet (saw) said “because of this he is being punished. So forgive him”.
Note: many males will enter hell because of women for not fulling their rights, and vise versa with the rights of the husband.

– if anyone forbears a persons insults, and he shows patience. It is said that Allah (swt) chooses that person as his friend.
Two women from the previous nations who have succeeded are Hazrat asiyah – the wife of pharaoh and Hazrat Mariam.- the mother of ISA (as) – these two women have attained very high stations in the sight of Allah from the previous nations.
– one of the reason why the Muslims are not as effective as at the time of the companions is because the knowledge they had in their chests has transferred to the books and CDs of today. When we manage to transfer these jewels from the books to our chests like them, then we will be like them.
– syyidina Ahmad rifai – a great saint of Allah, would when he saw a pig or a dog he would say “this (referring to the pig) is also living in a blessing. Someone asked him why do you say this all the time. He replied that “I am training myself to say good things. This is what the messenger ISA (as) would say to the pigs and dogs as well”. The men of Allah and the prophets would always look at the positive aspects of things.
– many times a person with good actions/character reaches higher stations in the sight of Allah than those who pray, fast or worship all night. People who are in the clothes of piety should take extra lesson and try and have good character as they are dressed in the clothes of piety. When anyone will see our actions which are contradictory to the clothes we are wearing they will then label the pious waliyah as being dubious as well. Simply because of the bad actions of the so called pious people like us. – Basically they will brush everyone with the same brush and this will lead them to not aspiring to be like the pious predecessors.

The intention we should have when sending durood and Salam”.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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