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The story of the shaykh & the student Part 1

After some considerable thought, I have decided to post my story of “the shaykh & the student” on this blog. Copied from an email i sent to a handful of few.
Going several years back I wrote a two-part story, (of which I intend to release the NEW part 3 soon) about the love of a student for his shaykh. This was not published so to speak, on any blogs, website or forums. With this in mind i thought about posting it here on this blog and share it with you. InshaAllah.

(part 1 will be posted today, part 2 tomorrow and then the NEW part 3 the following day, inshaALlah).

Please note: this is a fictional story which means none of the events mentioned, actually happened.

Once upon a time there was a shaykh who loved a student more than his other students, and the student used to also love the shaykh, when the other students of this great shaykh got to realize this their tongues started to talk and their hearts started to beat faster with jealousy, “why does the shaykh love him more than us?” “what does he do that we don’t?”. when the shaykh heard of this, he conjured up a plan to demonstrate the reason why he loved this one particular student more than others.
It just happened to be that the students and the shaykh were passing by a huge mountain one day, suddenly the shaykh exclaimed “stop here everyone”. In anticipation and suspense all the students stopped at once. The shaykh then called some of his students forward and then issued a command “go up to this mountain and move it from its current location”. The students, in total shock did not know what to do as this was something impossible to accomplish. So they did not answer his request. The shaykh being a man of wisdom and oceans of guidance saw what the students were thinking, and how they were reacting. To put them at ease he said to them “go back”.
He then called his favorite student forward and issued the same command to him “”go up to this mountain and move it from its current location”. As soon as the student heard this from his much-loved shaykh he went up to the mountain and tried his best to move it, pushing it here and pushing it there. once he had exhausted all his energy he came back to the shaykh and said “I have tried my best but I could not move it”. When the Shaykh saw this and heard the student’s exhausted reply, with a wide smile on the blessed face of the shaykh he said to his much-loved student “its okay, you can go back now”. When all this was over and the student had returned to where all the other students were standing, He (the shaykh) said in a loud voice “this is why I love him more than anyone of you”. All the students present at once understood what the shaykh meant.

The moral from the story – (if you have not caught it already!)

Even though the task was impossible and the much-loved student of the shaykh went through difficulty, it’s the effort of the student that made him catch the eyes of the shaykh. In other words the student was ‘fana’fil’Shaykh’ – extinct in the love of the shaykh, this is why the shaykh loved and continues to love his student and vise versa. Many times we tend to put our own thought and ideas before the command of the shaykh, where in reality we should be like the companions who laied their knowledge and faculties before the prophet (sallhualihiwalsam). If he (sallahualihiwasalam) said anything they would carry out the command or try to at least. Their minds and knowledge was not a barrier for them to exemplify their love for the prophet (sallahualihiwaslam). Similarly when a true shaykh-e-kamil (a refined shaykh) issues a command on the basis of the Qur’an an sunnah, we should also lie our knowledge and thought aside and try our best to carry out the command issued by our teacher(s). As the one who can truly exemplify the love towards his shaykh will no doubt be able to transfer this love over to the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam), his sunnah and his commands.

anyway, they ( the shaykh and the student) became known throughout history & up to the present day as ‘the beloved of the beloved’

to be continued… (part 2)…inshaAllah

By ServantofAlMalik

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