Extracts from Al Ibriz

Inner knowledge PART 1

Unlike the previous nations of the prophets, this nation of the last and final prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) has been blessed with an opportunity to obtain such spiritual heights and delights as none had done before in the previous Ummahs. Simply because they were adamant in rebellion to Allah. Most nations would in fact start rebel from Allah in the presence their prophets – let alone after their demise. Take for example the people of Israel. They rebelled against Musa (as) when he went to mount Sinai for forty days. When he (alhis’salam) returned he found them engrossed in idol worship!
Just as our final prophet was and is the highest and the best of all the prophets. The awliyah of this ummah are also the same. They supersede the previous awliyah of the previous nations. One such is the Gawth and leading light of his age Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh. Below are some of the secret knowledge only bestowed on the friends of Allah which he at times shared with his students. For instance, What happens in the spiritual world once an animal has been sacrificed? what is the shape of barzakh? where the knowledge of astrology originated from? etc. All these knowledge have roots in the established Quran and Sunnah, they only serve to enlighten the established sources even further. As the author of ‘pure gold from the sayings of Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Ad Dabbagh’ is himself being an alim, he therefore attests to the soundness to the inner knowledge shared by the great unlettered saint.

The teachers of Syyiduna Abdul Azeez ad Dabbagh’s teachers from whom he received illumination.

1) al Khiddir (a.s)
2) Umar bin Muhammad al Hawwari,
3) Sayyidi Abdullah al Barnawi
4) Sayyidi Manir bin Ahmad
5) Sayyidi Muhammad al Lahwaj

Al lamati says he had other encounters with other men of Allah which he received illumination from aswell, but these were the main ones.

A Brief biography of Imam Al lamati ibn al Mubarak. This will enable us to know who the student is (himself) and who the teacher is (syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh):

The chronicler Al Qadiri (d 1187/1773) says regarding,
Abdullah ibn Mubarak al Latimi: The author of ‘Pure Gold from sayings Abdul Azeez Ad Dabbagh’ (al ibriz).

He died in the year 1156/1743.
The most learned scholar of the time.
Matchless in his day and age, the cavalier of teaching and study.
The bearer of composition and investigation.
He possessed wide mastery and great knowledge in logic, eloquence, Quranic recitation and tafsir.
Studied all the seven types of Quranic recitation under the great imam Sayyidi Ahmad al Habib. – the son of his maternal aunt.
He entered the city of fez in the year 1110/1699-1700 A.D
Then studied with:
1) Imam Muhammad al Qusantini
2) Al Hajj Ahmad al Jarandi
3) Imam Muhammad al Masnawi
Studied grammar under Imam Abdul al Salam al Hulwi.
Received the ijaza for transmitting al Bukhari from Imam Ali al Hurayshi.

Imam al Mubarak would compare the words of ulema and study with them. All the while giving them answers from his knowledge in accordance with questions asked by them.
He was matchless when it came to doing Qiyas (Scholarly judgments). He did not care whether he contradicted the great or the small who lived before him or came after him.
He (Imam ibn al Mubarak) was capable of doing ijtihad. He refuted many who lived before him and more recently.
He would say if those who went before him met him they would have profited from him.
Always doing the praises of the prophet (saw), in reciting durood.
Was very able in helping in changing the lives of people. Bringing them to the love of the prophet (saw).
When he would speak about the prophet (saw) weeping would come over him and this would happen when he was teaching. There were also instances when he would laugh and this would also last a while.

We begin now with some of the inner knowledge that was shared by Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (rahim’ullah)

The secret in naming a new baby girl ‘Khadijah’

Imam Al Lamiti once asked the shaykh why he named a new baby girl Khadijah. What are the wisdoms of this blessed name? etc. The reply from Syyidi Abdul Azeez was:

I, al-Lamati, asked the Shaykh-God be pleased with him: ‘Why did you give her the name Khadija?’ He replied: ‘Everyone whom God has given illumination and who’s known happiness and attained the great illumination, if he desired to marry a woman, has wished her name to be Khadija. And if a daughter is born to me, I’d like her name to be Khadija, because the Prophet-God’s blessings and peace be upon him-enjoyed felicity thanks to our mistress Khadija and with her he attained the two goods, that of this world and the world to come.’

On some of the scenes from unseen world, shaykh syyidi says:

“…there are such horrific scenes and screams of the unseen world that if we were to witness them our hearts would burst apart. Allah has done us a favor by keeping them unseen from us. As there are such creations of Allah that are very frightening!
This is why when someone is given the illumination many times people die or become unstable because all these scenes become open to them. Only those that are given extra abilities/help by Allah can withstand these sites. Like the ambiyah and the Awliyah”

We get frightened when something moves in the night, or a door creeks open at night. SubhanAllah, how will the affairs of the hereafter be for us when these are the scenes of the world!

The one who will receive the most punishments in the hereafter:

In [12] al-Lama!i reports that one time al-Dabbagh said to him: ‘Do you know who will experience the severest punishment on the Day of Resurrection?’ AI-Dabbagh then explains that it’s a person who’s been given a perfect body, perfect intelligence and perfect health, and whose means of subsistence has been facilitated for him but he then goes on for one or two days, or even longer, without thinking of his Creator. And when sin is possible for him, he undertakes it with his complete body and his complete intelligence. He delights in this and feels no anxiety whatsoever with regard to his Lord. This is the man whose punishment will be the most complete. ‘Heedlessness toward the Creator……

In essence, the one who has been the least thankful for the blessings one has. Shukr (thankfulness) has many degrees the least degree of which is not to commit sins with the organs of the body which Allah (subhanAllah’huwata’ala) has given. This is a practicle way of showing one is being thankful.

What happens once an animal has been sacrificed e.g in Eidul Adha:

…and one time, on the day of the Feast of the Immolation, he said that on occasions like this the angels descend to receive the spirits of the sacrificial animals. Noble angels can be seen above every city or locality where a sacrifice takes place. When an animal is sacrificed, if the person sacrificing has a righteous intention and he isn’t motivated by pride or hypocrisy, the angels take the spirit of the animal and conduct it to the man’s castles in Paradise. It then comes to be one of his delights in Paradise. If the person sacrificing has a corrupt intention, the angels conduct the animal’s spirit to Hell and it becomes one of the torments prepared for him in Hell.

The link barzakh has to the graves of every soul which has passed away:

al-Dabbagh remarked that when some infidels die, their spirit is at first hindered from ascending to Barzakh. The satans and devils play with it the way children play with a ball. One Satan throws it to another Satan, or they hurl it against a rock. Only when the infidel’s body decomposes in the grave and becomes dust, does his spirit ascend to its abode in the lowest part of Barzakh. AI-Dabbagh also reports how he saw people in the third earth being tormented by fire in narrow rooms. A man he’d known in life suddenly appeared in their midst. AI-Dabbagh called out to him by his name and said: ‘Woe unto you! What caused you to descend to this abode?’ The man was about to reply but just then was pulled back down to the depths of punishment.

The punishment for Murderers:
Syyiduna Abdul Azeez ad Dabbagh says:

The murderers punishments isn’t like that of the inhabitants of he’ll. They’re tormented in a cold fire like that in which the jinn are punished.
Al Dabbagh formulates a similitude about this:
A king has two fortresses, one in which he locks up the believers and another in which he locks up the Jews. Then if one of the believers disobeys him, he locks him up in the fortress for the Jews and we know this causes him great humiliation to be joined in the same fortress with the Jews. This is the same as for the murderers being with the jinn.

The Shape of Barzakh:

In section [1] al-Dabbagh describes the shape of Barzakh. He says that it’s narrow at its lowest point and becomes wider as it rises upward. On its top is a huge dome. As for Barzakh’s immense size, it has its foundation in the lowest heaven and then extends upward through all seven heavens and beyond.

The misconseptions people have regarding the friends of Allah:

AILamati points out that the most harm the bondsmen undergo with regard to the Friends of God is in the area of distinguishing between the illumination of the people of darkness and the illumination of the people of truth. Ordinary folk think any unveilings and miraculous powers constitute perfection and truth in whomever they appear. As for associating with a perfect Friend of God, it may be that what the bondsman wishes from the Friend is the opposite of what the Friend wants. If the bondsman isn’t willing to turn his back on the world and its tawdry glitter, but only wants the Friend to fulfill his needs and desires day after day, the Friend will come to hate and loathe him.

The difference of Fath (the great opening of the inner eye) between the people of darkness and the people of truth. e.g the friends of God

On the other hand, the second illumination consists of vision of God’s secrets that the people of darkness are veiled from. Whoever receives this illumination beholds the Friends who are knowers of God the Sublime and speaks intimately with them, even though they may be at a great distance from him. ‘ …he beholds the spirits of the believers above the graves and the noble recording angels and the other angels, as well as Barzakh and the in their houses and their deeper vision spirits of the dead that are in Barzakh. And he beholds the tomb of the Prophet. ..and the column of light that extends from it up to the dome of Barzakh.’ If he finally comes to see the Prophet in a waking state,…

Where the Science of Astrology originated from:

As for the origin of the sciences of philosophy and its judgments about the trans-lunar world, it’s related that one of Abraham’s disciples succeeded in attaining a first stage of illumination from his master. And he halted there, i.e. before what he beheld of the world. He was delighted by what he beheld in the trans-lunar world and he determined the judicia astrorum by the positions of the celestial bodies. He then renounced the religion of Abraham. It was this knowledge of his that’s been handed down to the ‘cursed philosophers’.

What happened after Adam (a.s) had eaten the from the forbidden tree:

The tree that God forbade Adam to eat from was the fig-tree, because the fig-tree as well as other fruit-trees in Paradise cause a bowel movement in whoever eats from them. The other foods and fruits of Paradise, though they assume visible shape, are lights without any weight to them, and therefore they don’t cause a bowel movement. Before Adam ate from the tree, his mind was attached to his Lord and indifferent to his own advantages. Afterward, when he’d eaten from the tree, he experienced a bowel movement and felt hunger and had to provide sustenance for himself. Pp. 833-35. Once Adam had been elevated to Paradise, God created all the animals that Adam had need of for his livelihood.

to be continued on PART 2 InshaAllah

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