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The re-election of Obama and what this means for society

As people around the world wake up to the news of president Obama’s re-election for the second term as the president of the United states of America. There are greater subtle meanings of what this tells us about the greater society. Now, it was always a given that more “whites” would being voting for Romney irrespective of his policies or his views. Simply because he is white and Barack Obama is not. The exit polls proved this today. Secondly, we also learn the reason Romney lost majority of the electorates.

It was because of his disapproval of abortion, gay rights, legalization of marijuana and his views on marriage. Being a devout mormon, his views are traditional and neo-conservative at most. Obama on the other hand, has a more liberal approach. An approach which says ‘yes, all these aspects of modern life (mentioned above) are normal, there is noting wrong being gay, using marijuana or living a life outside the traditional constraints’. This enabled him to win over all if not many of the gay rights activists, the women voters, young adults and majority of the other ‘liberalist’ people. From the onset it was clear, Romney would not fare well against a guy who was ‘open arms’ approach. Willing to accept and legalize many traditionally controversial topics.

I am not a political pundit, but what i am beginning to see is a move from traditional values, of family life, welfare, society etc, and into a new-age Utopia. Where all people are accepted, embraced and welcomed, no matter what messed up philosophy they bring to the table. So, if being gay, having the right to be a drugy, or a porn star is accepted today. Then tomorrow unacceptable and disturbing vile acts of necrophilia and incest will be welcomed. Where the motto is ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

What WAS understood as being abhorrent, disgusting is now being welcomed into our societies. Gay rights groups, and ideals which promote civil partnership, where two people live together without being married. Are becoming the strongest and most powerful civil rights groups in society. If you manage to “Woo” them over to your side. Promising them whatever they demand, then winning any election is a given result just waiting to happen. On a more alarming note, the notion of a traditional family where there is a mother, a father and children, is quickly being eroded. We have more people who now are willing to live life as they see fit and not let their religiously taught morals lead the way. So, if they see fit to use marijuana as a “relaxing” agent and see nothing wrong with it. Then so be it, no matter what they had been taught before. And lastly, many Muslims automatically support Obama simply because he has a Muslim middle name, ‘Hussein’. Somehow thinking fanciful thoughts he will do favors for the Muslim communities. Which brings me to my last point. Names or titles do not mean anything. A person can have the most beautiful name like Obama’s middle name, which means, ‘the little beautiful’. But, this does not mean anything. If a person’s ideals, thoughts, actions and beliefs are not in line with God sent revelations he will still create a devil’s playground.

The worst is yet to come.