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Islamic conferences are the new ‘pop concerts’.

Islāmic conferences are the new ‘pop concerts’.

Having attended the ‘peace for humanity’ conference & the ‘global peace and unity’ conference the previous years. I assumed the unethical and unislamic practices i had witnessed would not catch fire & spread to other ‘islamic’ conferences. – A restricted thing only happened there and was a one-off thing. Sadly, I was mistaken. The many foreign traditions of the non muslims like that of cheering, clapping, standing ovations, mixed audiences and swaying the hands in the air amongst others, have made clear in-roads into our gatherings aswell. A Hadith comes to mind, in which the prophet (saw) said, every generation that comes after the previous one will be worse than it’s predesessors. (paraphrased)
This is becoming more and more clear as days go by. The pious of today cannot reach the piety of the previous generation(s). Although they will undoubtedly reach the same stations of the piety as before, however there will be difference.
Imam Mahdi is an exception to this as he will emerge for a purpose. Therefore not really falling into any category. In answering the questions which have entered your mind by now.
I have never been to a concert or the like. But, have heard reports from people, media outlets on how a typical concert rolls out. From this I made the following comparisons:

1) In the concerts you have a mixed audience, all sitting next to each other. – men, women, children, old, young, enjoying the entertainment. – a common theme in Islamic gatherings now, unfortunately!

2) Secondly, when a good performance is done, the audience in the concerts cheer and clap their hands in appreciation. If it is exceptionally good, they give a standing ovation – another trend in ‘islamic’ conferences.

3) Segregation: this was, once a top priority. Event organisers went that extra mile to ensure there was full segregation between males and females. This is something which is completely obliterated nowadays!
Even if a person goes up to the organisers enquiring why they did not have 100% segregation. The reply you get is “it’s not possible”. – how do you know if you did not even try to create the enviorment.

4) Just like the concerts, you now have people who only go for entertainments sake. I came across the ‘reviving the Islamic spirit’ (RIS) conference trailer earlier today and out of the many interviews they did of the participants. All, with the exception of some said “I had a great time”.
Back then, people discussed what they learnt and felt. Gatherings of “knowledge” have become entertainment now.

5) The most shocking out of all the things I noticed, from watching RIS trailer was:
– the girls, women, and men in some cases scream at the top of their heads. When their favourite speaker, scholar or a nasheed singer comes on stage. Exactly, like the concerts. Something which is astounding!

6) in concerts, you have the fans forming long queues just to get an autograph of their idol. This is exactly what takes place. Especially in the North American and Canadian events. I understand one must respect the teachers, but this is taking things to the next level.

These are ‘some’ of the aspects which I noticed. I for one, am not against the Islamic conference organisers or events/conferences. Like the prophet (saw) said: if you see a bad action, you should try to stop it with your hands, if not then with your Tongue. If not this, then you should hate it in your hearts. This is the lowest of the stages! – (paraphrased).

So, with this in mind I’m doing my bit in trying to stop a munkar (an evil). I just don’t understand how these people can simply sit by idly and let this go on. In the 90s’ Islamic gatherings i clearly remember how the scholars present would rebuke someone for clapping during their speech. It appears that in the name of ‘peace’, ‘integration’ and ‘love’ even the scholars have considered to compromise in-order to fit in the wider society.

Servant of Allah.