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The original place of the gave of Hamza (radhi’Allahu’anhu)

The booklet called “Maut or azaab e qabar kai iebartanaak manaazir au waaqyaat” and is written by some professor doctor Noora Mohammad Sahib Noor in which he mentions a great event which took place.

This happened in 1968, I was in S. Arabia working as a doctor (well something like that, I didn’t understand the proper words). On a Friday I went to Madina manawra for zayarat. I worked there with a doctor friend of mine, the doctor got ill and there were a lot of patients waiting. The doctor asked me to look after his patients.

An old man called took me to have a look at a patient at Uhud mountain. (…) After I attended the patient the old man took me Hazrat Hamza’s (ra) grave and told me:

“Fifty years ago Hazrat Hamza’s (ra) grave was down in the wadi. One time we had heavy rain and his grave was flooded with water. The sharief Mecca dreamed about Hazrat Hamza (ra) telling him the water was bothering him and the problem needed to be fixed. Sharief Mecca consulted with scholars and they decided to dig out the grave and indeed it was flooded. Hazrat Hamza (ra) would have to buried on higher ground. I was one of the grave diggers. While we were digging, one of us accidently hit Hazrat Hamza’s (ra) body (the actual word written is ‘takhna’ or ‘takhni’), fresh blood started to come out of there immediately. All people present were amazed that fresh blood came running out. They put bandage on the wound to stop the bleeding. (…) The kaffan was still there on the latter side of the body, the blood of the wounds was still fresh, an eye was missing and the ears were cut, the abdomen was “chaak” (means cut?). Everybody present did zayarat of Hazrat Hamza (ra). They moved him as he was to the new higher grave and buried him again.”

SubhanAllah amazing. Has anyone else heard of this? This is the first time i came across this.