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TED Talk: Try something new for 30 days

Great philosophers and theologians have always said, try something new for 30 days. At the end, if you do it properly it is probable that your new acquired skill will stay. Small changes are often the ‘big’ changes which are sustainable, making life more special and valuable. We often overlook our religious practices seeing them as dogmatic set of rituals with no real meaning on practical life.

Ramadhan is a 30 day practice which should help develop this skill of enriching our lives, making it a little more extra special. If adhered to properly, that is. It should allow a person to attain a new skill; Either leave a bad habit, a sin. Or, acquire a new productive habit, a good deed. It is reassuring to see self purification courses like Tareeqah Muhammadiyah, a non-political, non-profit organization set out to teach and provide assistance for the rectification of character, through the purification of the spiritual heart. Use in its core principles and method of purification; The 30 day theory.

The following 3 mins clip of Matt cutts is a refreshing reminder on how ushering in a new idea in a person’s life for 30 days can bring about the change we all so desperately need. This ultimately supports the idea of our pious predecessors of rectifying our character using the 30 day principle. Something they had told people for over a millennia ago.
– The idea is simple, but if its done properly its effective.

The state of our conviction in matters of faith is in such a state that without actual visual proof, we are reluctant to give it room in our lives, or even take it seriously. When the reality for the people of the past was the opposite. They would rather believe in the revelation of the unseen with more conviction than seeing anything with their eyes. It goes without saying, ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. We have a rubbish level of belief of the unseen in our lives, and as a result we get rubbish level of conviction from our beliefs of the unseen. Hardly effecting any of our daily decisions we make from the right and wrongs, the good and bad. It is purely done on impulse and reaction and not faith and conviction.