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‘Progressive muslims’; A New Fitna on our shores

The advocators of ‘modern’ and ‘mixed Islam’, aka the neo sufi camp, have always leaned on the shoulders of ‘modernization, evolution and of progressive’ ideas. Ideas which say, ‘we have to evolve with time and space, in order present a new version of Islam to the western world. We have to leave behind the traditional constraints layed by the shariyah and bring forward a new laxed version of Islam. In which our non-Muslim brethren say ‘ah yes, this ‘is’lam is not so bad. Look, they also drink, dance and have mixed prayer gatherings’. The proponents of progressive Islam always start to advance their ideas by slowing removing the foundations of Islāmic ethics. The initial stages are by removing the need for segregated areas. Thereafter molding the minds of people into accepting a non-segregated ‘Islam’.

A few months ago i wrote a piece on Zaytuna College and how they too, like other western leading ‘Islāmic’ institutions have began to give weight to such fanciful ideas. How the post 9/11 era has seen them usher in shocking changes to the operational aspects of zaytuna. From the comments at the following post: Shocking changes at Zaytuna College, California USA you can see how this idea of ‘liberal Islam’ is being fed into not only a small group of Muslims, but is slowing gaining ground on the vast majority of American Muslims. Much to my dismay, the comments only demonstrate how vast the differing versions of Islam that exist, between ‘American Islam’ and the rest of the world.
Those who say having non-segregated areas in Islāmic environments is not such a ‘big deal’, ought to think where their mentality of ‘live and let live’ , liberal Islam will take them. For instance;

  • There is a new fitna, which was born in America (as usual), and now has spread here in the UK, that promotes a completely new and satanic idea of Islam. This fitna is aptly named ‘progressive muslims’. The name in itself demonstrates their ideology. – to bring a new Islam onto the already widely available, different versions of Islam, which exists in America.
    America is a strange country. Likewise, its people are also the same. They are a people who are the first to bring out new, bewildering, and egoistic ideas in our contemporary times. Anyway, these group of ‘ Progressive Muslims’ advocate the notion that men and women should be allowed to hold mixed congregational prayers and gatherings in the same hall together. An idea that says there does not need to be segregation. As this is ‘barbaric’ and backward. To show their disgust and affront to the traditional Islam, they hold regular mixed congregational prayers and ‘Islamic’ gatherings.
  • Now, the sad thing is, the neo-sufi camp i.e those Sunni muslims who say ‘segregation is not a big-issue’. Or, the fact that we have to ‘evolve in our thinking and be more adept at our approaches, taking into the consideration of the environments we live in’. Are alarmingly similar to the thinking of these ‘progressive Muslims’ who have GAY imams (yes you heard correct), allow Muslim females to marry non-Muslim men. Recently, these people have launched a UK initiative in parliament, to grow their base and make more people aware of their twisted ideas and goals. Unfortunately, within the sunni school their are pseudo-scholars like Dr. Akram Nadwi who are actively advancing such ideas.

    You see, when you leave one crucial fundamental foundation of Islam, then the others will naturally fall one after the other, like in a domino effect. One of the commentators at the Zaytuna post which i had written, suggested i had been made ‘speechless’ by the good points put forward by another commentator. Who like many others in the comments were accepting the changes at zaytuna with open arms and were all-for idea of the mixed classes and liberal approach which zaytuna had taken up post 9/11. Well, to that person this post is my answer. This is why i find non-segregated classes ‘shocking’ as i can see where this ‘liberal’ approach to Islam will take them. Below is the recent Eid prayer which these progressive Muslims held:
    The neo-sufi camp who advocate ‘hippie Islam aka liberal Islam’, like these ‘progressive Muslims’ should hang their heads in shame. This is where their thinking and approaches will take them. As the beginnings of these twisted Muslims were also not afar from how they think.

    The above is just a sample of the dangerous ideas and approaches being taken up just to appease the non-Muslim neighbor, just out of fear Muslims get labeled as a terrorist or a backward camel-riding caveman!
    One thing is clear, the name which these astray ‘Muslims’ have chosen for their group; ‘progressive muslims’, is correct and a justifiable one. As they have correctly realized they are being ‘progressive’. Progressive towards Hell that is! Finally, this is what happens when people move away from the Islam which was brought by the prophet (saw) and the companions. As someone once said, ‘you will see every twisted and wrong ideas flourishing before your 5th birthday’!