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Pakistan: A failed nation!

It may seem a bold claim but unfortunately I was catapulted into making this conclusion. The recent events coupled with the previous years mounting lapses of the country is only adding insults to injury, frankly speaking. A number of days ago, I was in a conversation with a very patriotic, nationalist, Pakistani brother who lives in levenshulme, Manchester. He had reminded me (on the way to asr salah) of the outrageous attacks on the Pakistani soldiers by NATO. He was alarmed and rightly so, of the deaths of the 20 or so soldiers. This sparked the discussion between us of the state of Pakistan. Now, I am no political commentator, nor do I have a good grasp of the Pakistani politics. – Not that I want to anyway. This brother (not naming him for several reasons) then told me the measures the politicians of Pakistan are taking to make sure this sort of actions/attacks to do happen again. One of them was that the authorities in Pakistan have closed one of the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Which is used by NATO, in protest of NATO’s actions.
Hearing this I had to reply that Pakistan can’t really do any damaging or serious actions (on the part of seeking justifiable answers for the families of the dead soldiers), to USA or her allies. Since, basically it’s a failed state. – A sitting duck just floating on water.
The reason for my harsh comments (as it may seem to some) was because of the fact that Pakistan amongst other Indian sub continent nations are living off the handouts of USA. In the most worse case scenario if Pakistan was to cut all the ties with USA. All they’ll (USA) do is simply stop all the aid Pakistan gets annually. All the 1.5 billion of it, that will simply make the ‘senior’ Pakistani politicians go back begging to the US asking for money.

The bipartisan act authorizes the provision to Pakistan of $1.5 billion annually in US aid.

It’s beggar’s belief to think that Pakistan can really do anything. In the name of war on terror the country is being pillaged of its beauty/sovereignty/independence. Whilst the politicians dance to the tunes of the Americans.
Secondly, in my opinion it really brings in the question of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

1) Firstly, the death of Osama bin laden happened in pakistan. Something which the Pakistani authorities had no knowledge of. The ease with which the american seal team 6 entered Pakistani territory without permission,
(never mind seeking permission, they (palistanis) had no idea this was going on, whilst they were busy sleeping in their cosy beds!)
and then left without anyone knowing really makes Pakistan look like, (more importantly the people) a big joke in the eyes of the world. After that episode there was only slight disgruntle of the Pakistani politicians on the violation of sovereignty. However nothing really materialised. Just mere words were exchanged.

2) Secondly, we hear the deaths of the these soldiers happened in pakistan from Pakistani air! Where’s the sovereignty gone now? – the ease with which the foreign planes enter and leave without any resulting consequences makes Pakistan look like a door mat. Avaliable for anyone to walk over!

3) Thirdly, there are also continuous reports (in the Asian news) of the drone attacks and subsequent deaths happening in Pakistan/Afghanistan. Although the Pakistani authorities have made moaned & groaned about this. It fell on deaf ears and the Americans continue to do this. – send in drone (unmanned airplanes) killing supposed terrorists!
I find it amusing to hear such patriotic pakistani brothers as the brother from levenshulme, try and paint a picture of Pakistan as being a mighty lion ready to strike! Without trying to brake the bubble world of such brothers, I’m sorry to say that Pakistan is literally at the mercy of the Americans. Almost as if being the life blood by which it is still functioning as a state, albeit only slightly!
The following quote from us aid.gov summarises perfectly my point:

The United States is in partnership with Pakistan to improve Pakistani lives. Since 2002, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing over $5.1 billion in support for education, health, energy, economic growth, good governance, earthquake reconstruction, and flood relief and recovery. USAID’s programs are an essential part of the U.S. commitment to Pakistan and its people.

As one female Pakistani politician said if they do not yield to the request and wishes of the Americans they (pakistanis) will die of hunger! She is not far off from painting a real picture of Pakistan.
Although, some might think of this article being negative and all about ‘doom & gloom’. This is the reality though. I have heard nonetheless, some saying “we do not need America to supply us with money. Allah is our help and subsistence provider not America”. As correct as the statement is, I do not see how just saying this will enable you to be the bread winner for the family without actually doing anything about it. When most of the country does not even have a basic infrastructure, no basic distribution of food, how can you claim you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet?
First build these infrastructures and then have hope of Allah’s help!
Remember, it is not from the sunnah of Allah to help or change a people if they do not firstly change themselves! We as Muslims will not be helped by Allah unless we firstly change or help/amend ourselves. Then we can hope to receive the abundant sustenance and help from Allah. Many muslims do not want to do anything yet falsely have this notion in themselves that Allah will lift them up from their coaches and make them millionaires!

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