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Tattoos gaining popularity in Pakistan: A moral decline

The loss of morals & values in pakistan

I have been meaning to write this piece of article for the last few days. Having recently changed professional profession, it has been difficult to find the time to put pen-to-paper as it were, and express my thoughts on why people leave their traditions/beliefs/values and adopt another. why I believe the, (to coin a new phase) ‘inferiority plague’ is sweeping across the Indian sub continent region, now more than ever. More importantly across the Pakistani populace.
When the populace of the Indian sub-continent region first started to flee to the west in search for a better living. The initial several weeks and months of the transition was the hardest level of sacrifice our veterans forefathers, of Indian origins, could make. Some leaving their families; wife, children, parents, forever. Never knowing if they would be back to see their smiling faces again. Sacrificing all, only in search of a better living.
However, what rose from these darkest hours was something that will make our future generations proud and elated with being associated with them. Giving a sense of honour which has no bounds. This great accomplishment was, the ability they displayed in holding firm to our traditions & values no matter what came their ways. With out the hard efforts of our older generations we would not have had the strong Islamic presence which is flowing throughout the blood of the British isles, today.

It is a great point of concern for me personally to see the demise of such brave & proud forefathers. With more and more days that are whispering past our ever busy lives, we are beginning to see the loss of such pragmatism. In recent days the event of valentine and it’s festivities throw another huge amount of weight towards my argument. There is a growing trend, (which has been feeding itself over the last few years), is the need to express ‘modernity’ as much as possible. – A sign often times seen as the acceptance into the western society. The more western values a person can hold and embed into his life, the more modern he/she is.
All throughout the array of asian satellite television channels, there were almost a full day of valentine day programmes being aired throughout the day. Dedicating a day to celebrating an alien tradition which has nothing to do with them. So much so, one would think that ‘valentine’ is the festival of the indo-pak populace. The western world is not that much preoccupied or to be frank, bothered with valentine as they are.

This now leads into my main point. Since the days of the British in India, the population of Indian sub continent have always displayed the notion of being inferior towards their white-skinned counterparts. This sub conscious and infectious mind frame is still widespread across that region of the world. Whenever the chance to express their cooked up notion of ‘modernity’ and ‘up-to-date’ ideals are ready to be shown, they do not fail to do so. Even if it means adopting alien/foreign traditions into their culture and traditions at the expense of theirs. Simply, due to the fear that should they fail to do so, they (the indo-pak populace) will be seen as being backward and ancient, by the onlooking world.

The bewildering thing is, the western born, 3rd generation british Indian-Pakistanis’ also express this idea of ‘inferiority’ complex. You see, many have this idea that forsaking their traditions and values by adopting others, will enable them to enter the close and exclusive club of being a ‘modern’ & ‘up-to-date’ individual and be seen as such. A class which should be sought after no-matter what requires to be done. Today I came across a small BBC clip which shows the pakistani elite are resorting to ugly tattoos and body piercings in-order to feel comfortable of their sub conscious inferiority complex their are suffering from. A disease which is growing in the minds of the psycological cultural slaves of pakistan. People who tend to show this type of attitudes are in actual fact emotionally, psychologically and mentally insecure. This again, reinforces the idea of how the Pakistani populace are always awaiting the approvals of the west to be seen as ‘modern’, ‘up-to-date’ and ‘trendy!’ Continually displaying the inferiority complex, -feeling the need to be seen as modern, ‘like-that-of’ the west. In its ideals, fashions, traditions and cultures.

Tattoos are something which is not only ugly but despised upon here in the UK. It is seen as a product which the ravaging, mindless teens are seen to do. Something which they do in their days of being wild and rebellious. Which in later years, they regret having done. However the amusing thing is, people of that region (the indo-pak) see tattoos as something that will catapult them as being seen as modern and western. From the advent of movies to that of music. The western values and fashions are displayed as the ideals for the world to follow. Seeing this, the population of the Indian-subcontinent region adopt these so-called ideals without question. Seeing it as ‘heavenly and divine’. Something which is superior to their traditions.

In Pakistan’s mostly conservative society, having a tattoo can be controversial.

But this has not stopped tattoos becoming the latest trend among the country’s youth.

Mehvish Hussain reports.

– BBC news website

To sum up, when a person chooses to leave following the divinely revealed rules and regulations, Al Quran. The standards of fashions which the prophets’ set, the sunnah.
An individual will go to great lengths to fill the ‘void’ within them. The emptiness, and the dark pitiless feeling which is always constant within them. To feel this void within, an individual, whether male or female will go to unfathomable struggles and lengths to find his/her standing and association in life.