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“Imam” Suhaib Webb’s CRUSADE against traditional Islam continues..

In a world infested with idiocy and ignorance, to some degree willful ignorance, it goes without saying there is no shortage of strange and new fitna (evil) emerging constantly, now more than ever before. This is none the more dangerous than new Islāmic “scholars” appearing on the global stage who seem to have formulated a supplementary way of “Islāmic” living which complements people’s’ ego-centric and often devilish lifestyles. An idea which allows one to stay in the crucible of devilish lifestyle yet somehow tie an Islāmic twist to it. Instead of teaching people how one should sacrifice desires and wishes,and bring it in line with Islāmic principles. The new trend is, how to bring Islāmic principles in line with a person’s often self-centered lifestyle. If need be, sacrificing some of the Islāmic teachings in order to hold on to the largely unislamic western-influenced lifestyles. In the past i have often mentioned how people like Shuaib Webb and his entourage of “wolves-in-sheep’s clothing” have launched an all out war on traditional Islam. Suhaib webb’s attempt to destabilize the importance of sunnah more importantly the sunnah attire, is insanely on the increase. In one of the recent video recording he is heard saying the thowb is not sunnah. That, a person should abandon such clothes because it resembles Osama Bin Laden. Suhaib webb animatedly recalls an incident which happened in his home town, to back his claims. So, in his deformed argument, the reason people should abandon the sunnah appearance is because you will get ridiculed as a terrorist or even be called the dreaded “Osama Bin Laden”. – Aww, how sad.
What a pathetic load of codswallop! The companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) went through a hell of a lot more trouble and hardship, it only entrenched them further in the sunnah and not otherwise.

I wonder what will be next on Suhaib webb’s liturgy of attacks on the sunnah … the beard is not sunnah? – because the polytheists of Makkah had it too. – chuckle

The prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) had forewarned us not to give in to new fitna which will be emerging near the end of times. This in no way shape or form means the fitna will always be coming from the external apparatus of test, but from within the Muslim communities as well. All the more making it troublesome and confusing for the everyday believer. The modernist attack on Islam always begins with creating a phobia around sunnah; ‘you’ll get names called, people will harm you. They will call you a terrorist’, etc. Once sunnah has been stripped away from people’s lives, the rest will fall away seamlessly. The satanic idea to present the world a new-image of Islam and Muslims, free from its turban wearing, thowb bearing, long disgruntled-unshaven looking men, is a growing trend among the American-Muslim community. Islam as we know it here in the UK and elsewhere is a lot different to Islam in the US, where movements like Progressive muslims are growing by the day. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the turkish military army officer began his crusade against Islam in this fashion. He firstly began by trying to dismantle the importance of Islamic, rather the sunnah lifestyle. Saying almost word-for-word the same rhetoric suhaib webb and the likes are spewing out. ‘Religion is not compatible with modern life unless it is reinterpreted in a new light befitting the current situation. Firstly by removing its cultural garb in which it is often shrouded in. This means in the west we must create a western Islam, not an Arab or Pakistani version of Islam, dressed in Shelwar Kamis or Thowbs’. The fruits of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s efforts is clear for all to see today. A person will be hard pushed to think turkey is a Muslim country, save for the flag and may be the architecture. Nothing “Islamic” remains of the once impressive city of knowledge, tradition and history. This is the same slippery slope on which people like Suhaib webb and co are going down. Everyone should be aware of these new-age, white-collar convert, “Islamic Scholars”.

Suhaib Webb’s daring attempts to claim the thowb is not sunnah is not new. All the Neo-Con secularist folks, disguised under the false-flag of “ulema”, or authorities in Islam as people like to believe, have done this in the past and will continue to do so in the future. You see, the devil knows as soon as he can strip a person of sunnah, other Islamic injunctions and ethics will immediately start to fall apart. History is testament to this. It is all fine and dandy to practice the inner sunnah, but the outer sunnah is no less important and MUST be maintained.
This is the new and growing threat facing Islam, the American Islam. A version of Islam completely alien and far removed from anything our great and pious predecessors would have ever dreamt of.
Watch the clip below and get ready to be surprised, if not shocked! Instead of encouraging people to adopt the sunnah, these over payed government ‘suite and tie folk’ are really pushing the boundaries of Islam. Today, it is the sunnah being attacked but tomorrow it will be Islam itself which is under scrutiny, not from the outside but from within the Muslim community itself!
People become short-sighted by looking at the amount of knowledge a person may have learnt. Knowledge in on it self is no good. There are many orientalist people who know the inner workings of Islam far greater than any normal imam of any mosque. If the spirit of Islam is not there to go with a person’s knowledge, then this will be no use what so ever.