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‘Mega Plan’: Images of the expanion plan of the Prophet’s Mosque [SAW]

After much talk and deliberation, the Saudi authorities have finally launched images of the approved expansion plans of the Haram Sharif, in Madinah al Munawarah. With mounting pressure from overseas, the authorities have decided NOT to ‘touch’ the sacred areas of the resting place of the prophet (saw) and his beloved two companions. They will remain as they are. The following are the images of the approved plans:

This is the aerial view of the expansion. As you can see the current areas will remain as they are with the expansion happening in the ‘Mussalla area’. The areas of Masjid, Gamama, Majid Abu Bakr and Masjid Ali (R.A)
A closer view from the air:The green areas of the image above mark the current size of the masjid. The white areas mark the new expansion plan and the red areas represent the new courtyard size. A model of the final outcome.A side view looking from Jannatul BaqiA side view from Jannatul BaqiA view from the ‘Mussalla side’.The above shows where the mehrab will be moved to once the project is completed.The new plans, in the above image the red boundaries mark the current size of the masjid, and the yellow represents the king Abdullah expansion project.The above in green hows the size of the current masjid compared to final finished size.A model of the product on displayKing Abdullah being given a briefing on the new plansDiscussing the finer points of the plans before work begins on the project in 2 weeks.The final outcomes of both the haram expansions.

How it used to be:
This is how the masjid of the prophet (saw) used to be during the illustrious times of the prophet (saw) & his companions.During the Ottoman era.During the last days of the ottoman sultans and before the Saud family takeover of Arabia.

In short, the final Masjid of the Prophet [saw] will be HUGE! Accommodating up to 1.8million people.