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A war is looming… Iran your next!

The latest news off the BBC website is that apparently Iran has tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US. For some reason this seems to be to fishy on a number of levels. Firstly, Why would iran want to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US? Secondly, what motive could there be behind this anyway? Is this the attempt of the US to start a inter-secterian war on a large-scale between the two different sect of Islam? – the shais and the ‘wahabis’?

Supposedly one of the assailants named as Manssor Arbabsiar

Someone on Facebook posted a link to the CNN’s coverage of this big news, and the following is the response I wrote, which i believe sums up my ideas and thoughts on the issue pretty much;
This has been a long time coming. The US has been hitching a plan to invade iran since the Iraq invasion. Any excuse they find will be the sand and cement to solidify their argument of the threat iran ‘supposedly’ poses.
I wont be surprised to see if this turns out into something major.Maybe this is just my presumptions and i am being judgemental. However it does not go without saying that, the US has been trying to find in roads into iran for some time now. They tried the nuclear weapons argument. But, it fell straight back on their face! Americans by their nature so to speak, are a very crafty people. As it says in its own constitution, it is a friend to none except its own interest. (paraphrased). (google it if you don’t know this fact).