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The spiraling decline of “Imam” Shuaib Webb

The religion of Islam as we know it to be is under great stain in our times. From all sides of the table, personal interpretations and understandings of Islam are being thrown across at one another. Each group claiming to hold to key to providing people with a practical solution on how they can implement Islam in the west. This is being done more rapidly in America than anywhere else in the world. The idyllic image of a respected imam, leading his community in the services of dheen is quickly eroding away. Being replaced by the image of a ‘yob style hooded vigilante’ armed with a few Quranic verses and Hadiths. The image of a Muslim, with a fist-long beard, wearing loose cloths, a turban or a hat has already had it’s fair share of beatings from the media. However, there is a growing trend among Muslims also, who are joining this crowd. A crowd who views a person dressed in thowbs, turban and a beard, as backward, ancient and out-of-touch!

Previously i have discussed how the Muslims are plummeting down into the abyss of hellfire. – By giving room to the ugly ideals of western freedom. A concept which says a person can say and believe in anything he or she wishes. Which means if they want to add things into Islam then can do so as they please. That, regardless of their outlook on life and styles of living, they will still be regarded as being ‘muslims’. With no need to sacrifice or abandon any of their former lifestyles. So; if a person was a musician in their former life, before Islam. Like Yusuf Islam or Dawud Warnsby Ali, there is no problem. Just keep on singing and dancing into Islam as well! Absolutely no need to abandon their music or former life styles. (Astagfirullah).

The ‘American- style Islam which they are trying to create is one which promotes the idea ‘Leave worrying, chill, enjoy and do what you please. As long as you love Allah in your heart, its okay. You’ll still go paradise’. Giving rise to the Progressive Muslims Movement – One that promotes the idea being gay, bisexual or even lesbian is perfectly fine and nothing wrong.

In trying to create an “American-style Islam” these ‘scholars’ are also re-imaging and re-branding themselves. From being like this (prior to September the 11th):
to this:
and then finally to this:

Shuaib Webb and others who are like-minded, are leading the calls for Muslims to leave behind the “Arab & Pakistani” Islam, one that says ‘wear the hijab, grow a beard and respect the sunnah’. To embracing the “American Islam”, one that says, ‘you don’t have to wear the hijab, grow a beard, or respect the traditional Muslim values’. Hamza Yusuf’s absurd views on Hijab

“Are we going to reach them with an Arab message or with a Pakistani message? Or are we going to reach them with an American message?” asks Webb, 38, of Santa Clara.

Webb is at the forefront of a movement to create an American-style Islam, one that is true to the Koran and Islāmic law but that reflects this country’s customs and culture. Known for his laid-back style, he has helped promote the idea that Islam is open to a modern American interpretation. At times, his approach seems almost sacrilegious.

– As the LA times Newspaper reports.

Our Ummah is facing no greater threat to its very existence, than these ‘leading convert scholars’. They are out to completely re-interpret and re-shape the very fundamental understanding of Islam! Our times are times of great confusion and misery, both on the worldly terms as well as Islamically. Adding to this disarray, we are seeing the demise of great men on knowledge, the men of Allah who would inspire the love of sunnah, the sirah and tassawuff in peoples hearts. And, being replaced with stooges like Shuaib webb and Hamza yusuf! Who like to think knowing Arabic is the be all and end all. That, a person has mastered Islam!

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