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Re: The Origins of the Hadra

This is an extension to the previous post which can be read here where I have been accused, labeled, criticized and so on, for apparently speaking on behalf of the shaykh when I have no right to do so, which I never intended to do or did!
Now what I want to do is let the Shaykh speak for himself – so to speak. In the last post I quoted partially the statement made by Syyidi Abdul Azeez ad Dabbagh on this issue. Now I will present the complete quote from Al ibriz from page 741 to 742.
Keep in mind who he is:

1) A Syyid – descendant of the Prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam)
2) An Ummi (unlettered) saint
3) The Ghous of the time.
4) In the constant presence of the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) in the way the companions of the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) were – seeing him as they did. NOT in kashf.
5) endowed with numerous miracles the greatest of which was being steadfast on the sunnah!
6) A person of Illumination (Fath al Kabir) – the great opening

Now please read the following and come to your own understanding or conclusions on the origins of the hadra:
Page 741 – 742
On the subject of the ecstatic dance.

Al Dabbagh states that it didn’t exist during the first three generations of Islam. And this accords with what the religious scholars have affirmed. Al Dabbagh then notes that in the fourth generation four or five friends of God who were endowed with illumination and had disciples and followers were in fact the origin of the ecstatic dance. They observed how the angels worship God and are engaged in recollection. Al dabbagh explains: “there are some angels …who recollect God with their tongue and their whole body. You see their body swaying to the right and to the left, and swaying forward and backward.’ These few friends, while absent in beholding God unconsciously imitated the angels. But this was a sign of their weakness, and their followers adorned themselves in this ‘external attire’. When this first small group of friends of God passed away, ‘the people of external attire’ then occupied themselves with the ecstatic dance. Indeed, they increased its movement and added musical instruments”.

The funny thing is, when I simply tried to lay the facts in front of people. I was accused of speaking for the blessed shaykh by a select number of people, which baffles me as to how they came to this assumption. When I have not once mentioned “THIS IS WHAT THE SHAYKH REALLY SAID”. The irony and the funny thing here is, these select number of people then seem to know what the blessed shaykh meant and seem to be putting words into his mouth as to say this is what he was REALLY saying. When they have no right to do so!
Consult Al Ibriz for more in-depth analysis of the origins of this ‘practice’.
Please Note: We are not discussing whether I am against hadra or not, nor if the Mawlid is allowed or not. These are separate topics altogether, which I do not want to get into.