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“Imam” Suhaib Webb comes out in support of GAY marriage

In his push to be accepted as a moderate “imam” Mr Suhaib Webb now says he has rethought his views on gay marriage. In a recent interview for the Boston globe newspaper he said:

Webb tweeted that he had made “mistakes,” and, in an interview last week, said he had rethought the gay marriage issue. Even if Islam regards homosexuality as a sin, Webb said the constitution guarantees the rights of everyone to get married.

This was in response Dr Charles Jacobs who had labeled him a homophobe and tried to prove how “imam” suhiab Webb was not a moderate Muslim but rather the opposite.

I have previously discussed how this particular “Imam” is dangerously bordering on the fringes of kufr. That is, disbelief in the words of Allah. Every Muslim categorically knows there is no places for homosexuality in Islam or anywhere for that matter. There is no need to produce evidence for this here, this is a fact which is clear as the blue sky on a hot summer’s afternoon! All the divinely revealed religions completely abhor and deny this unnatural and disgusting practice!

For Mr Suhiab Webb to come out and say:

Even if Islam regards homosexuality as a sin, Webb said the constitution guarantees the rights of everyone to get married.

He is in fact saying ‘although my religious book, the Quran says homosexuality is not allowed. I accept it because the US national constitution allows it’. – In effect placing the man-made, ill constructed piece of garbage higher than the book of Allah. In turn taking the US constitution as his new religious book.

Suhaib Webb is a man who has been on a collision course with the traditional principles of Islam for years. More so in the past few months than ever before. His views have changed from authentic beliefs of Islam, to the mud-filled, rotten-smelling, “moderate” dump as it has become now.
Concerns of Mr Webb began to rise when he started to criticize the sunnah dress code, its appearance and its applicability to the western world several years ago. In many respects degrading it to the “garbs of terrorists like Osama bin Laden”. As he so famously said here: Don’t dress like bin laden (watch the video) Mr Webb is bending over backs to keep his non-Muslims counterparts happy. So, they do not label him as a ‘terrorist, extremist or fundamentalist. People like Webb should realize as long as a person has iman in Allah you will not escape from being labelled as a “fundamentalist”.

His attempt to win over the acceptance his white-collar western masters has made a number of “Muslims for GAY marriage” Facebook pages to spring up. Adding his name to the unfortunate growing number of pseudo-shaykhs, or rather “Imams” who have come out in support of this sub-human practice.
suhaib webb gay – Example of the FB pages quickly emerging

suhiab webb gay 2 – Giving support to groups like the “progressive muslims”, a group who are out to destroy the very foundations of classical Islam.

Mr Webb, had already fallen from the grace of all the traditional Muslims with his onslaught of attacks on the sunnah. But this new line of ideology which he has chosen to adopt to maintain his status quo as the lap dog of american liege lords, is sure to make even the moderate non-practicing Muslims concerned. Many people unequivocally accept arguments from the likes of Mr Webb simply because he has studied Islamic knowledge at the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, for a number of years . Well, these die-hard fans should realize Dr Mansour, the founder of the deviant Quranists movement, also memorised the Quran and studied at Al-Azhar for over 10 years:


Of course not all the Azharis’ turn out to be like Suhiab webb or Dr Mansour, but this is an example of how merely gaining knowledge of Islam does not allow a person to have unquestionable transcendence to say and do what he likes. Simply because he has studied at Al Azhar for a number of years. Gulam Mirza Qaddiyani, the British manufactured disbeliever, who claimed to be a prophet, also at one point was a man of authentic knowledge and islamic beliefs. Yet despite this, everyone is aware of the end he achieved; the bottomless pit of Hell!

We are living in dangerous times where saving a person’s iman from destruction and ruin is harder than in any other time of the muslim ummah. Not only is there attacks from outside the ummah but from within as well. Attacks which are subtle and disguised as “Islamically” inspired words and actions.