Lions, mices, and snakes!

The other day i was listening to this shaykh speak of how there was this old burzug (pious man) who saw the world in the form of a prostitute. He asked her “o woman how many relationships have you had?” and the prostitute replied “millions”, then she was asked “to how have you been loyal to?” she replied “to none”. What a example! It is indeed the nature of the dunya.
Thereafter the shaykh went to to say how imam ghazali (rahimullah) said imagine a man is being chased by a lion, with it behind him he run and runs not looking back. Then all of a sudden he sees a well with a rope in front of him, which he jumps and holds onto to avoid the lion. Unfortunately to his luck there is a snake at the bottom of the rope with its mouth wide open ready to eat him as soon as he falls. When he thinks that all is well he sees a black mouse and a white mouse begin to nibble on the top of the rope. in front of him he sees a bee hive in which he inserts one of his fingers into the hive and tastes the honey from his finger tip. This makes him forget the difficult situation he is in and enjoys the pleasure momentarly. Now the lion is his death which is constantly upon him, the snake is his grave and the white mouse denotes the day and the black mouse denotes the night. The honey is the temporal pleasures of the dunya and the beehive is the dunya itself.

…creating the thirst, providing the solution.

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