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BuzzFeed Video: ‘I’m Muslim but…’


The case to present a secular version of Islam has never been pushed forward more than any other time than it is now. Recently, a video made by BuzzFeed has been causing controversy on the Internet. In the video it can been seen a group of young Muslims profess how they are Muslims but do others things which according to non Muslim customs are considered “normal”. For instance, there is a woman in the video with what appears to be  some kind of a head wrap, openly admits she likes dating men although her patents hate it.  Glamorizing  open rebellion of patents, showing respect to elders, not to mention being pleased with committing sins; having sexual relations experimenting with men.
Another man admits he had bacon one day by mistake but it was good. With other naive young
numpties singing the same song. .
I’m Muslim but I like to dance on the dance floor.

It’s not suprising how many Muslims will try their best to fit in with society  even if it means forsaking many religious beliefs and traditions. When a moderate Muslim is mentioned, these age the type of people the society (in other words the west) wants, where Idea of secular laws  underpin religious laws.  If the two contradict then the secular law will always have the last say and dominance. An image of a moderate western Muslim is basically what the video is, where everything done in the west (drinking, dating, dancing, free living, clubbing etc) is accepted with open arms and anyone found not to be fond of these is not a moderate Muslim but a strict extremist one. This notion has been on the minds of many “reformist” Muslims who claim Islam is outdated and needs a new improved image one that is changeable with time.
To sum up the video demonstrates the  success rate of these reformists and the inroads they have been able to make in convincing minds of a new shaytanic way of thinking. They have, and are clearly now the mouthpiece for the Muslim community while the rest traditional conservative Muslims are busy infighting. These devils activists are taking every avaliable opportunity through modern means to deliver their message of a secular Islam. Essentially stripping away everything of Islam expect the carcass of rituals like it has been done with Christianity  and Jeudaism. The video is a perfect example of the fitna  (trials) of our time, where the Hadith of holding a burning coal in one’s hand is becoming more and more true! (Mentioned below)
We are currently living in an age where religion and morality have been pushed aside. The floodgates of secularism have been opened and the effect of this has reached even the most remote of places. What is good appears to people, as evil, what is evil appears to be good, and the confusion has infected the Ummah at large. Despite this disease which has plagued us, the mercy of Allah is ever present. It is narrated on the authority of Thauban that the Messenger of Allah (sallahu alihi wasallam) said:

“A group of people from my Ummah will always remain triumphant on the right path and continue to be triumphant (against their opponents). He who deserts them shall not be able to do them any harm…”

[Saheeh Muslim]

Here is the buzzfeed video: