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Its that time of the year again, FOOTI! After God knows how long i played it again, coming out of my retirement, it was a tiring 2 hours, of which we played 2 games. Game A we won 7 – 10:
in our team we had the likes of:
retirement guru (me),
my bro,
maruf and
kid A (small).

The losing team were:
ihtisham (complainer),
kid B (big) and

The shocking thing was one would think with regular players, with the likes of ihtesham and minir being on the other side it would be a whitewash. Strangely it would have been a whitewash on the regular players with mr ihtesham ochestrating the complaints and excuses for the teams inability to work as a team with him mostly goal hanging on the otherside.

Game B we had 5 – 4 was the total score
My bro
Kid B (big)

The other side:
Kid A (small)

We lost this one, on a goal difference of 1. Where again we were leading the way. Then out of mercy (shafkat) we settled for the fact that the other team should win. Otherwise it would have been a disgrace on the face of the complainer (lol).

Anyway, after both the games, one thing all of us came to a conclusion was that we are totally and utterly unfit! Even the so called “good players” who play on a regular basis.
my point is merely to draw on the fact of how unfit we are, after a simple game of football. It took me back to the time of the companions and how ‘superhumans’ they must have been. As anyone who has travelled to the haramain as sharifain, will no doubt testify to the fact how the heat of the arabian enviroment is oppresive! Just to be in the heat is enough to make the most fittest person by our standards become a feable person. Now the important fact is they used to do jihad in the heat (the companions), With heavy armour at times. badr being faught in the month of ramadhan, Imagine the difficulties of this!

When the relevations began on the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) he would spend long hours and even days at times in the cave of hira. We went there last year (during umrah) and climbed the cave, at night. It is 2000 meters above sea level and it makes one tired even climbing at night. Now the point is syyida khadeejah (radhi’allahu’anha) used to climb this and take food to prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) sometimes. At the near age of 80 +/-. Now first thing she was a woman, and second thing at such a age climbing such hights, it only makes me wonder how fantastically ‘superhuman’ they must have been. As even, us guys who climbed cave of thawr (5000) and hira (2000) meters were totally exhausted. Some of us even came to a standstill, due to dehydration. Now to think syyduna abu bakr (radhi’allahu’ anhu) climbed the mountain with carrying prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam) at times, not leasurely, but with hunters ready to do anything to them behind their backs is beyond me!
This would have been more than what i could have taken. Even though i am only 23, and they most nearly would have been 45 +/-. Subhanallah!

The pics say it all, the exaushtion written all over our faces.

…creating the thirst, providing the solution.