Answering the Anti-Muslim Industry

Increasingly for Muslims living in the 21st century and more importantly the west, current events are dictating how they must be clear, firm and astute on their beliefs, principles and tradition. They must be able know how to respond to controversial attacks on various topics on the topic of the day from both “Muslims” like Naeem Ajmal, Majid Nawaz and non Muslims..

Increasingly for Muslims living in the 21st century and more importantly the west, current events are dictating how they must be clear, firm and astute on their beliefs, principles and tradition. They must be able to know how to respond to controversial attacks on the various topic of the day from both “Muslims” like Naeem Ajmal, Majid Nawaz and non-Muslims. Gone are the days when attacks on the character of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and the articles of faith were a rarity; without doubt the increase in the vilification of the figurehead of Islam, its beliefs and customs will only increase as days go by. The Anti Muslim, islamophobic industry is a multi mullion dollar shop set up to last and make money as much as it can.  These incendiary attacks are increasingly becoming the norm and to be able to confidently, proudly and eloquently respond is a mandatory skill set to acquire and use. You can no longer say I am not on social media so it does not affect me and as a result, do not need to spend time replying to or acquiring the know on how to respond to these callous attacks. We live in an age where the Internet is dominant even in the remote reaches of the driest climates and in the thickest cluster of the amazon rainforest. If you are not aware of the increasing attacks on Islam through the various means of the modern age (of which social and mainstream media is a small part); your children, colleagues and family members will be facing these now or later at work, school or university.  People will raise questions about Islamic topics they see on social media in casual conversations or keep a deeply held assumption that may come across their behaviour when interacting with Muslims.

A simple search for an authentic article on Islam brings with it a further 10 negative views, opinions and “research” on Islam. A young Muslim teen googling out of curiosity will undoubtedly come across these vile articles, videos and pictures. This may then lead to (over time) serious doubts of faith seeping into a person’s heart all the while his parents or legal guardians may be non the wise on what is happening outside their bubble of activity and their world. 

[  ] It is a disservice by those who show a lack of interest in willingness to engage, learn and develop the required skillset to address many of the modern age issues facing the current Muslim generation

More than convincing the liberals and Islamaphobes of the genuine nature of Islam, born Muslims need to be made aware and then be confident in believing their articles of faith without harbouring any iota of doubt or regrets. Practising Muslims MUST be able to make doubtful, naive and impressionable Muslims of the true nature of Islam. They must be able to say character assassination of the Prophet ﷺ,  and vilification can be easily responded to with clear and outstanding examples of integrity from the seerah; how the Prophet ﷺ was a beacon of morality in a time when morality did not exist. Also they should be able to address attacks on the articles of Islamic faith, LGBT issues, atheism, a decline of morality, feminism, general disregard for a standard of life, and address it from the Islamic standpoint and that these views have been the same throughout the centuries. I have experienced first hand how many practising Muslims generally like to stay in their bubbles of activity and are unwillingly or are unable to engage on the issues of the current day some of which are below. 

1. What does Islam say about LGBT+? 

3. Why do Muslims hate the west?

4. Why can’t Muslims accept “free speech” and “freedom of expression”?

5. Why is Islam very violent? 

6. Is the Islamic Prophet a man as the far-right claim? 

7. What’s the view of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? 

8. Why does Islam treat women as second class?

The above are just some of the cycle of topics which does the news rounds every few months with slight variation in location and situation. 
One thing is being able to quote verses and hadiths saying this is what Islam says and this is what we believe, but it is a different skill set be able to respond articulately and astutely which does not stigmatise Islam further and adds to the current negative image of Islam in the public life. Many “Islamic” personalities come on air and express their opinions on topics of the day which although well intended does not meet the mark of giving a good answer. It’s often the case they leave the set with more unanswered questions and mumbled replies further solidifying biased news anchors deeply held irresponsible view. This view in turn is then shared with their audience and the viewers are left with a distasteful image of Muslims they already held as being the truth. 

To begin, a section of the public will never be willing to accept, learn and change their bigoted views they hold of Islam; they are part and parcel of the islamophobic industry which fuels the increase in Muslim hate. When a Muslim wants to respond to anti-Muslim attacks on issues mentioned he should firstly not do it with the view of changing the mind of a bigoted viewer or listener. He or she will never be willing to accept the authentic view or change the horrible views they hold. This view has become part of their personality and having spent decades in some cases it is their bread and butter i.e their livelihood from which they earn a good wage that is used to live a lavish lifestyle, Stephen Yaxley Lenon is a prime example who conned his followers into donating millions on the pretext of charity instead directing it to fuel his lavish lifestyle via the various “businesses” he set up. This is why when many Muslim personalities have tried to engage with people like Stephen -Yaxley Lennon and Robert Spencer instead of them willing to learn the truth they use the Muslim base to their advantage and grow their Anti-Muslim brand to a wider audience. This is done in hope of tapping into the naive and doubtful Muslims to win over their support. 

1. On Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

Firstly, the recent fiasco in a high school in Batley UK was not about “freedom of speech” but the anti-Muslim hatred disguised under the banner of “free speech”. The cartoon used to show the students was one widely in circulation among the far-right anti-Muslim circles. It was of a man with a bomb in his turban, angry and the stereotypical image of a crazy Muslim. Its sole existence is to intimidate and to sow the seed of hatred and harm to Muslims; to further stigmatise and marginalise the community. It is akin to using an image of a rape victim being violently violated and showing this to students to talk about women’s rights. The “teacher” who showed this image had other ulterior motives and as all accounts point to, the teacher was a young adult in his 20s who raised this issue in class. It will not be surprising if he already had deep anti-Muslim leanings and this was a ruse to air his views. 

The reason why Muslims are opposed to any type of drawing of the best of creation Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is:

1. He forbade it.

2. It is to prevent any future personality worship arising based on false depictions of the best of creation the example is similar to how the Christian community went. 

3. It also avoids people putting their ideas and view into drawing how the blessed being should be. E.g. the incorrect image of Jesus عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ of a caucasian man, in many cases blond and blue-eyed for instance. This is 100% inaccurate as Prophet Jesus عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ was not a caucasian man and this leads to creating the “white” man as the perfect race and ideal which has been used to colonise large parts of the world. 

4. Islam places the importance of the message over personality although Muslims greatly hold the sacredness of Prophets extremely high with respect and admiration. 

5. Muslims also have the same distaste and opposition to when other prophets of Allah تبارك وتعالى are also mocked, ridiculed and debased like Jesus and  Moses May Allah be pleased with them and not just hate it only when images of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  are drawn.

The issue of drawing cartoons comes around every few months in different countries, in reality, it is an attempt to light a fire and see how big the fire gets. Moreover, it is an attempt actually to get the far-right anti-Muslim narrative into the mainstream public sphere.

2. On “freedom of speech”.

No country or society on earth has ultimate “freedom of speech”. There are limits placed on speech legally, socially or morally. For example in many countries saying the N-word or deny the holocaust is a crime, you can’t say “it’s free speech” and say it. If you do, you will face the force of law. Similarly, when it comes to Muslims it seems it is free for all to do and say whatever you like. A simple Google search on teachers being sacked for inappropriate behaviour for what they said and did is very common, articles written by multiple papers are easily found. It further adds to the point there is no ultimate “free speech”; your speech and actions have consequences that must be limited otherwise the very fabric of society crumbles. 

3. On the LGBT+ Issues

Islam says the same views and beliefs on this as Christians and the Jewish community in that rules on how to live, communicate, love, grow and deal with each other is set by Allah. These cannot be changed and are set principles that run throughout time for all ages. The reason is that people do not set what is right and wrong, the whole concept of what we know as right and wrong was set by the monastic religions. That is the moral compass by which civilisation run was set by a divine instrument of revelation. If it was left for humans to decide what to do and not then the goal post of morality would be changed every decade and cause serious issues of civil normality and discourse.
This is clear from the ever-changing idea of what is morally acceptable in sexual relations in secular societies. Now, not only some societies allow homosexual relations but discussion have not moved to the legality of relations with minors (🤮). Again a Google search will bring up numerous examples in which Western secular societies have held parliamentary debates i.e in Germany, Canada and the even UK where some so-called behavioural scientists say some men are inclined to such vile tendencies and should be accommodated. Richard Dawkins the kingpin of atheism said in one interview he does not see any issues with “mild paedophilia” – google this statement of his. This is why we say our morality of what is right and wrong is not left to man but Allah has already set it. If someone “feels” they are inclined to live a certain way it does not mean it should be allowed. We assign our life to the checklist of Allah divine guidance and see if this is good to go or a big no-no. History is replete with situations on what happened when people push the Allah given morality and it does not end up good at all. These are often the top 3 anti-Muslim attacks that are likely to be used in any group discussion or brought up in any area of social interaction with colleagues and business associates.

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

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