REview of ‘Bilal: A New Breed of Hero’

IF you’re looking for a meaningful way to spend this Christmas and hope to give your young impressionable teens, young adults and children a good alternative halal Islamic movie to watch this holiday season, then ‘Bilal: A New Breed of Hero’ is a must for you and you family  to watch. 

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero

  I heard about this CGI animated movie a few years back but over time forgot about it. Recently i came across it again and i was not disappointed one bit. This is an amazing portrayal of one of the greatest personalities to walk the earth! (May Allah bless him eternally).  The film depicts the life of Bilal Ibn Rabiha, who, known for his beautiful voice, was freed from slavery and rose to a position of prominence in 632 AD. The intense nature of the story evokes emotions and definitely pulls on the heart strings with epic battle scenes and struggle faced by the great generation is exquisitely portrayed. With its relatable scenes of oppression, inequality and torture of Muslims, it fits right into the modern day struggles of 21st century Muslims as well; whether it is the Royinga struggle, Chinese interment camps of Chinese Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang region China, or struggle on a individual level of greed, anger, lust for revenge etc are threaded throughout the entire animated movie making it surprisingly profound. The movie has legendary scenes of Bilal’s struggles and oppression at the hands of his master ‘Umaya’ which is sure to leave no dry eye in the room!

The film features an ensemble of highly detailed and imaginative elements. It boasts a stylised world with complex characters interspersed with figures from Islamic history, setups, props, and environments. The animation is unlike the earlier cartoon movie ‘Muhammad (sallahu alihi wasallam) – The Last Prophet’ as it uses 
state of the art CGI facilities which were employed in the pursuit of industry standard content development, putting it on par with any internationally acclaimed feature film. The nuance of making the movie on issues of freedom and equality as opposed to making the cartoon exclusively for Muslim audience is a well constructed idea,  it portrays the timeless message of Islam, its brotherhood, equality, fairness, justice and moral obligations without resorting to using exclusively Muslim terms or having to spell it out as ‘Bilal: the Muslim hero’.  Thereby making the feature film appealing to a wider group of people. A wholly entertaining and educational movie for all groups of ages.

You wont be disappointed! 

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