Notes: Thursday 23.3.17
As many people would be aware Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu was one of the unique companion of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam, a being with so much closeness to the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam but he was the most cautious of the companions as well. It is said he had once complied a book of Hadith which would have been a great volume had the ummah been able to have access to it.
But, he burned this volume of hadith out of fear he may attribute something to Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam which he sallahu alihi wasallam did not say or do. It is reported the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam once had said anyone who attribute something to him which is not correct and true then he should find his place in hell. (not exact words).
He was a great being, full of compassion and love, he sacrificed all of his wealth to the way of his beloved.
He was the person who would buy slaves from the markets of Makkah and free them, in which Syyiduna Bilal Radhi Allahu anhu was one of them.
Most of the reward and good deeds done by the companions and people thereafter will also go towards him -Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu

In one of the first speech/guidance of the first of the Khalafah Ar Rashideen
-Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu
he said ‘O people you are only obliged to follow me only as long as i am following Allah and his Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam’. This shows now anyone who claims to be a follower of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam cannot do anything that contradicts the sunnah or the shariah of Allah azzawajal. He Radhi Allahu anhu set the benchmark and a criteria to follow for all to come until the day of judgement, leaders and normal people alike.

– Once the Tabieen who did not see the beloved sallahu alihi wasallam asked Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu to give some advice as they considered him to be a great and noble companion of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam. He Radhi Allahu anhu replied (after a some time, as he Radhi Allahu anhu was a being who would consider every word before he uttered them):
‘I am not even worthy of being a shadow of the beloved Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam and in a position to be able to say something in this light. To see the true embodiment of the Prophetic character and servitude follow and see my brothers Umar and Uthman (Radhi Allahu anhuma)’.
The companions would often say the greatness of Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu was not merely because of his worship or kindness but of his immense nature of his heart; a man full of greatness, fear and love of Allah azzawajal and his beloved Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam.
The companions have said when the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam passed away from this physical world it was as if light had been extinguished from them.

At another time on the insistence of some people Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu gave some advice:

‘The world is like the hand of shaytan and those who fail to let go of this hand will face a harsh consequence. It is the awliyah and the pious who are trying to pull people to the heavens but people are firmly holding on to the hands of shaytan. Failing to let go of the unlawful desires of this world is failing to let go of the hand of shaytan. I had let go of the dunya when i had said the shahadah and testified to the oneness of Allah azzawajal. Many times the devil had tried to pull me back towards the dunya’s entrapment, (this shows how the fight with the devil and ego is not over until death). Each time i heard the words of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam it became entrenched in my heart and i lived by them. Let the words of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam become part of you, allow them to be processed in you, your mind and adhere to them. Anyone who will, can become kings of the worlds to come and now. These words can be a means of felicity for you or a sword which will cut against you. Forgive others who have done wrong to you, begin with your family and then the community and so on. Sometimes a person can do something wrong and feel ashamed from it and often asks will Allah, Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam, the awliyah accept me? The question should be asked have you accepted them?
If you fail to accept the guidance of the righteous then your light of guidance will also go to judrge nd understand the right from wrong, evil from goodness, follow the shadows of the awliyah. The companions never had a day off from following the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam, it was only on death, forgive people as this can be a barrier to achieiving closeness to Allah.

Lastly, a person should recite something in reward for the honour of the great companion of the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam, Syyiduna Abu Bakr Radhi Allahu anhu, like sura Mulk etc and send the reward to him as he was a one of a means to spread the deen of Allah azzawajal as well.

By ServantofAlMalik

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