4 elements of a person’s being should be engaged in the dua
1. The tongue – It should be engaged in asking
2. The mind,
3. The heart and,
4. Spirit.

– In otherwords a person should be engaged in dua from internally and externally via the tongue.
– a person should not make dua when they are in heedlessness. As this will only be an empty ritual, a mantra void of any meaning.


1. When making dua a person should begin by being in the presense of Allah azzawajal. Hudur-Ma-Allah (being present with Allah).
How does a person come into the presense of Allah azzawajal?
This is done by remembering his attributes and his actual essense (of Allah azzawajal) e.g his traits and the awesomeness of Allah, he loves his creation, he wants the best for his creation. This should be the beginning state of making dua, entering a state of the presense of Allah not merely going through the rituals of making dua.
2. When a person has enetered the correct state a person should begin with the hamd, (praise) of Allah azzawajal. In this there are several types of people who actually praise Allah;
Majority of people do not ask/love Allah they are engrossed in the love of dunya
From those who do love Allah and ask him, tend to have love of Allah for their own sake; they want something, paradise, children, wealth etc.
A few people actually love Allah azzawajal only for his sake and grandure.
There is a great difference between those who love Allah for their own sake and those who love Allah simply for who he azzawajal is. Prasing Allah in totality in essence means to praise Allah anf love him simply for his love for who he is. This is in reality what the shahadah seeks to teach a person; to praise and love Allah for what and who he is and not what he gives you, this is purity in its totality. So, when someone begins to ask Allah he should be completely engrossed in prasing Allah for who he is free from any motives.
3. Thank Allah for what he has already given a person, to get into a state of the heart in which a person really thanks Allah for the blessing in his life. To genuinely ask Allah, a heartfelt thanks to Allah for the blessings in his life if need be mention specific blessing for example. Sometimes also there is no need to mention to people i am happy but people and yourself already know they are in a happy state. For example, a person who is drowning and someone else saves him, then feelings of joy a person will feel towards his rescuer for saving him is called being thankful. This not always about saying with the tongue “i am happy”. With this in mind a person should then move to the next phase.
4. When all the above state have been achieved, a person should move to thanking Allah for the ultimate blessing to him which is the Prophet Sallahu alihi wasallam. He should realise how Allah azzawajal has blessed him with such immense blessing then how will he not give him what he then asks of Allah.
5. Calling Allah azzawajal and thinking about the qualities of Allah that relate to the need you have. For example, a person should think about the quality of Razzaq if someone needs a new job.
6. Now is where a person comes to the central point of making dua. For example, many people want to have righteous children, a gokd business. Allah loves his creation to ask him what they want. There is no point going through all the above and not mentioning to Allah what you need. The beginning points of making dua are not to make a psrson not ask but to make the person benefit from the dua, the last part is asking Allah for the need. After a person has done all the above quickly and has come to the right state of mind, heart and spirit a person should internally make an image in his mind of what he wants. For example, If someone wants a successful business he should construct a mental image of having a huge shop where a large number of customers are coming etc, then ask Allah O Allah i can only make this mental image of success of what i want please make this mental image of mine into a reality by your power of saying “Be”. A person should be in this mindframe until a person can see physical changes appearing.
8. Ask blessings for the entire creation of Allah and thanking and thinking of allah how he gave the greatest blessing to him so he has no limit to granting this for his servant.
9. A person should leave the matter then to Allah as he knows what is best for his servant.
10. A person should make physical attempts to bring about the change he wants, if a person wants to get a good job he should then make phyiscal attmepts to attain it, go out and seek a job for instance.

In summary, there are two parts a person should undertake,
1. come in the right state before asking
2. then asking Allah azzawajal.

This is the order in all Proohetic duas if someone examines it closely.

By ServantofAlMalik

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