England Manager SACKED after 67 days on the job

If there ever was a story to read in which the leading hero himself deliberately causes his own demise. It will not only make it an awful read, but all credibility, if it had any, will make the reader feel it was a complete waste of time reading the book altogether.

In a matter of few hours one such story has made the headlines across British media and this is the sacking of the newly appointed England manager Sam Allardyce. The news is so fresh that wikipedia has not yet been updated to “former” england manager Sam Allardyce. (At the time of writing)

‘So what if he got sacked? They’ll soon have someone else in’. Yes, but that’s not the point here. If this was to go by anything then it is these following things which scream at you more than the man himself, or what the story is, that should get you thinking. (Frankly, i did not write this to as an obituary to his career, i don’t care :)). But what i find interesting are the following;

1) Never surround yourself with the wrong people, in extension, unholy aspects of the world aswell. They may come hugging you, lavishing you with drinks of pleasure, good company and gifts. But, sooner or later it will come back stinging when you least expect it. As the former England Manager, Sam Allardyce would have you know. He was completely unaware of the sting operation going on, which would cause him to fall on his own sword. When two undercover reporters secretly recorded him saying what he said. Look at the lavish surrounding, the drinks, the exquisite dining future, the restaurant, etc that they were in and then end which befall the shortest reigning England manager, ever!

2) secondly, greed knows no bound. It is a deaf, dumb, blind and obnoxious little brat which will never shut up. Either you shut it or it will shut you, ask Sam he should know a thing or two now. A man who was on a £3 million a year wage plus all the bonus and benefits on top wanted a further £400,000 to secure “dodgy” deals for these “influential businessmen”.

‘I wont do that if i had all that money, £3 million would seal me for life. I’d never have to work again and spend my money on charity’. Quit fooling yourself, everyone thinks the same unless they have it, then it’s not enough; more, more and some more until you drop dead!

My two pennies thoughts on the growing situation.

By ServantofAlMalik

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