BBC 4: The Brain with David Eagleman

Throughout the centuries we as a human race have been told about the nature of this world and what we see, feels, touch, taste, and hear around us to be in truth, a deception

BBC: The Brain with David Eagleman
BBC: The Brain with David Eagleman

Throughout the centuries we as a human race have been told about the nature of this world and what we see, feels, touch, taste, and hear around us to be in truth, a deception. Religious scriptures and holy men, the Prophets, saints and the righteous have provided us with the authentic the idea of how the life in this world is a mirage and what we actually believe to be real is in fact not. The Islamic faith teaches us this principle throughout the various recorded forms of scripture. The greatest source of the idea of what real truth is has been presented to us by Allah in his noble book, Al Quran.

he says:
–  “Every one shall taste death…. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)” (3:185).

In the hadith literature we find several references to this concept  of a ‘deception’ and what reality actually is being further explained by the Prophet, may Allah’s eternal peace and blessings be upon him, as:

 “Paradise is nearer to any of you than the Shirak (leather strap) of his shoe, and so is the (Hell) Fire.” Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 8 No. 495

In other words, our perception of reality is not actually what we assume it to be. Our brain is in constructing ideas of reality based on the electromagnetic signals it receives constantly, the trillions of electrons it emits every second are actually ‘behind the scenes’ activity of what it takes to form our idea of reality. In a phenomenal new BBC documentary series, Dr David Eagleman takes us on a journey that,

explores how the brain, locked in silence and darkness without direct access to it, conjures up the world we all take for granted.

In simple fact the documentary is the demonstration of what the Prophetic teachings throughout the centuries have taught us; how our idea of reality is in all sense of the word a fake image. The brain is the best story-teller in the universe, our perception of reality is what our brain feeds it to us. In this highly recommended *must watch* documentary, Dr David Eagleman story of the brain is an exceptional illustration of this prophetic teaching; the life of this world is a deception and not the life we enthusiastically assume it to be. The documentary draws strong parallels to the religious concepts reality, of it being not real, and eventually presents its findings on the view of life. For instance, in 37mins into the documentary Dr David Eagleman explains how our visible spectrum of light – which is the total degree in which we can see things, colour, images, sense of  time and space based on visual input – forms a tiny fraction of the complete electromagnetic spectrum. What this means is that the part of reality  we can see is totally limited by our biology and not the complete picture we think it is. And, this is not limited to only the visual senses, but to all the other four senses as well. The truth of it is the views of reality we have is not one size fits all, it can be completely different to each of our brains. Once again pushing the idea of how our understanding of reality is utterly based on a sandcastle each time being washed away with incoming tides.

In short, our brains are the supercomputers which construct our realities for us and that the world we feel to be ‘outside’ of us is in reality within us. Anyone who is looking to understand many of the Islamic teachings of life, how our lives will ultimately begin when we leave this world, or, simply wishes to explore his religious teachings and how they link to new scientific discoveries and adventures should watch the following documentary. Not just for the sake of proving how religious teachings are completely factually accurate, but to begin to appreciate how at a time when there was no real scientific work or understanding, no real concept of science itself there were men of Allah who saw and still do, beyond what science can only begin to – or not- grasp in its understanding; science is not the ultimate fact, but only a body of knowledge which is always playing catch-up with authentic divine teachings of this life and beyond.

To watch the documentary *click here*


By ServantofAlMalik

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