The Spring of Rabiul Awwal

One of the meaning of Rabiul Awwal is ‘Spring’. A time when the earth is made alive with new and fresh vegitation. A time when the animals and himankind all look forward to it not becuase it is the start of fresh vegetation and growth but it is also a time when it is not to hot or cold. – Simply a perfect balance between the two temperatures. The second part of the name Rabiul ‘Awaal’ means ‘first’ in other words the first spring = Rabiul Awwal.
It is for no reason why Allah choose to send the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam in this month. In effect Allah is saying he Sallahu alihi wasallam is the spring of life which will bring life to everything on this decaying earth. Through the spring of Rasulullah sallahu alihi wasallam the flowers of Quran, Ramadan and all the articles of faith blossomed out in the garden of Islam.

– 26/13/15

The inheritence of the Prophets: The last will of the messenger of Allah sallahu alihi wasallam.

Rabiul Awwal is also the month in which Rasulullah sallahu alihi wasallam left this transient world. Before which he made sure that the message of Islam in its entirety has been delievered. On the last sermon of the Prophet Sallahualihi wasallam he addressed the companions and included the most important topics in that sermon. It was life a last will, like some one may leave behind when he or she is about to die. Rasulullah sallahu alihi wasallam chose certain topics to be included in the address over others. One can imagine how dear and important these topics will be.

It was mentioned, on the day of judgement Allah azzawajal will ask a person what he did with the blessings he had given him. In answer the servant will answer, Ya Allah you gave me wealth and I spent in on my children. I left it for their wellbeing and made sure their life in the world will be confortable.
Allah will reply, because you had not spent anything in the way of Allah and had kept it for yourself, your children had become bankrupt and had lost all the wealth.
Another man will be brought and asked the same question, how did you spend the blessings I had given you? It will be said, ya Allah you blessed me with great wealth and I spent some on my self, family and gave away the rest in charity.
Allah will answer, because you had spent the wealth on your family and gave some away in charity as well, your children were blessed even more after yoir death and their wealth increased.
On the part of the Prophets may peace be upon them all, anything they may own from the world does not become the inhertence of their families but rather becomes the inheritence of the entire ummah. – This is the extensive love of the Prophets for their ummah and more importantly this was the climax of example in Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam for his ummah. In light of this, the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam had mentioned the inheritence proohets really leave for people is the knowledge of Allah, deeds to perform, their sunnah and wisdom.

Syyiduna Bilal was once instructed after the messenger of Allah had mounted the minbar in masjidun Nabi sallahu alihi wasallam. O bilal go and announce to people to come and hear the last will of the messenger of Allah sallahu alihi wasallam.
Weeping and being deeply moved Syyiduna Bilal RA went around the streets of madinah announcing o people come and hear the last message of the messenger of Allah sallahu alihi wasallam. Hearing this, people from the entire area of Madinah flowed out of their homes and businesses crying and assembled in the masjid.
This in turn, made the Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam cry in which he said

(Following are paraphrased words of what was said in the last sermon)

Indeed we have come from Allah and to him we will return. I am the Muhammad the son of Abdullah RA. After me there will be no more prophet and very soon I will leave you and meet my lord. I am very eager to meet my lord. Listen to my advice properly and memorise/remember it. Then spread it to all those who are not here.
To be continued …
– 27/12/15

By ServantofAlMalik

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