The adabs (manners) to observe in front of a teacher.

29/10/15 Thursday

One the reasons why many people in the lifetime of syyiduna Imam Hussain RA failed and failed very badly espically the people of Kufa is the reason they were not aware of the adab of the teacher.
They did not properly seek to learn or try to live up to the requirement of fulfilling the adab to the teacher of the time, who was Imam Hussain RA. They simply showed love for him and failed to show due adab (manners). People who were normal and did not profess love outwardly were not harmed greatly as the people who claimed love.
Imam Hussain RA forgave these people when they betrayed him at Karbala but the matter is when it is between Allah’s people then the matter is different; Allah will not forgive them. It might be that a prophet, a companion or a friend of Allah forgives people as they are forgiving and compassionate, but Allah will not forgive them, this is the serious matter. As Allah announced anyone who harms his friends he declares war on that person.
– people may call scholars to attend a wedding ceremony or a janazah, but when they come people cannot pay due respect and adab. If people call the men of Allah then due adab must be respected otherwise there will be great harm done to the one’s who call them.

The people of Allah, awliyah and the scholars are the representatives of Allah.

1) First action which brakes the link with the teacher is sin. There is a spiritual link which links him to his teacher and when major sins are commited this is harmed. When this link is broken then a link of darkeness is created with the devil.

2) A person’s relationship with fellow brothers in the path I.e co students. When a person chooses to behave badly with his fellow students, this also harms a person’s link with the teacher and is considered bad adab towards him. This is one of the quickest way to damage his link with his teacher.
A teacher who tries his best to show a good character whilst his students adopt the worst character then how can there be a link?

3) Not fulfilling the due rights of family, neighbours and next of kin. When these are not repsected then they will cause a effect to happen.

4) Not having concern for the ummah. How can it be that a person (teacher) who is giving dawah around the world and the student is content with his life only and does not care what happens outside his life.

5) Not thinking about the shaykh when not physically in front of him. A person who finds himself days, weeks, and years sometimes, not even thinking about his teacher then this is also a factor for the relationship breakdown. How can a person who claims to love the teacher not think of him at all? A lover nevwr forgets his beloved.

6) After knowing one’s duties and requirements the student becomes lazy and thinks now that he is close to the teacher it does not matter if he does his duties assigned I.e his amaals and other duties to him as he is close.

7) A person who uses the teachings and methods of the teacher to attain dunya. Using any affiliation with the teacher to get some kind of recognition, honour, prestige etc.

The above are the main means of disrespect of the teacher and not an exhaustive list.

Until a person does not think when he is dealing with the messenger of Allah sallahu alihi wasallam, or dealing with the pious people he will find it difficult to be good natured towards people. In the path of the pious and righteous it is not the physical link a person may have with the teacher which benefits him but his spiritual link if the adab are not properly observed. Yazeed was close to Imam Hussain RA living in the same time but muslims who are living now are closer to Imam Hussain RA than Yazeed. Shaytan thought if he disrespects Adam AS it will not affect him much but this was his downfall.

By ServantofAlMalik

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