A strange phenomenon is taking place in the animal kingdom

To know the state of the world today one does not need to hold theological discussions or call conference functions but simply look at the marine life and animal kingdom. A strange phenomenon is taking place. The rapid decline of majestic animals like the lion, tigers, the gazelle, rinos, the tuna fish, tropical salmon etc is a vivid and symmetrical image of the state of the world today. For example Lions, tigers, zebras were seen as grand animals in traditional cultures which harboured great and noble qualities; of bravery, loyalty, dedication, these are qualities which are beautifully displayed in these animals. The ‘family-ness’ displayed among a herd of cattle in the plains of Africa is remarkable. When a calf is attacked then the whole herd at times runs to its rescue.
However, the world is a synergy between the state of human souls and animal kingdom. The rapid demise of these animals are a startling example of the loss of nobility and moral depravity. The world is not short of disease filled rodents and insects. In fact around the world these repugnant creatures are on the increase whilst the large and wild animals mentioned before are declining.

Rats, cokroaches and beetle bugs for example are spreading across inner city populated areas like never before. This is representative of the human condition where repugnant illnesses and diseases have overtaken the once prevalent noble qualities of the human character. Gentleness, kindness, love and compassion are beautiful qualities hardly seen among the population across major cities and across many countries.

The oceanic world is also facing the same picture. The healthy fish, full of vitality and benefits are being extincted in the face of growing and large dangerous jelly fish. Filing the ocean life and killing off many of the planktons that survive off the sea weed underneath the layer of sea water. It is estimated that the tuna fish populations will be extinct within the next 20 years or so. Largely due to over fishing but for other reasons as well. Lack of food and starvation of the right environment for it to flourish have alarmingly evaporated. The acidic nature of the sea from dumped chemicals are the fatal blow to diminishing current levels of healthy fish.

Jelly fish are by nature and build pieces of flesh that do not have a brain, no bones and are dead in the sense of not fully living as other creatures do. They are flesh which only eat everything in its way. – The human being has become this jellyfish, the modern equivalent of the jelly fish is the human consumption machine. Like the jellyfish, the harsh reality is, humans only consume and eat their way to death. Not considering the outcome of their actions and habits but living in the moment. Eating up everything and anything they will find in its path; Devoid of any spiritual life or a purpose of existence. Human beings living in 21st century now live in the moment for the moment and by the moment. The dramatic result is a total breakdown of society. There is a saying which goes by the following words, when the world has had enough. It will start to throw out its bile, vomit it’s indigestible condition which it find itself in; of evil and moral depravity. This is exactly the picture of the state of the world today, prevalent with its shocking levels of brutality, inhumanity and satanism.

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