Celebrating a true Mawlidun Nabi sallahualihiwasalam.


Syyiduna Umar RA said
If a pereon wants to benefit he can be successful just by the remembrance of death. Nothing more is needed for guidance or naseehah . If a person does not want to change then even the guidance from the entire Quran will not be enough. This is what is done during Ramadan when the entire Quran is recited but hardly anyone changes for the better.

Mawlidun Nabi is truly for those people who are spiritually with the prophet sallahualihiwasalam. – When a person is with prophet sallahualihiwasalam in deeds and action. For example, he protects his organs from sin then the prophet sallahualihiwasalam is happy. This is how a person is truly celebrating the Mawlidun nabi – the true eid (celebration). Who will not be happy to be with the prophet sallahualihiwasalam? Every believer will be ecstatic to be joined with the prophet sallahualihiwasalam.
When the prophet sallahualihiwasalam came to this world the entire creation became happy as the chosen one was here.

The true Mawlidun nabi for a believer is when the prophet sallahualihiwasalam will come into his life in the form of sunnah and sharia. The heart is made empty through purification so that the love of Allah and his messenger can come inside. This is the commentary of the Hadith when he sallahualihiwasalam said no one can truly love the prophet sallahualihiwasalam unless he is more beloved to them than their children family and even oneself.

One crucial piece of knowledge to keep in mind is, although other people who are serving deen and may be more pious, this should not demotivate oneself thinking you cannot reach the prophet sallahualihiwasalam as others have already done it before you. Being the best of the messengers means a follower of the prophet sallahualihiwasalam should also be the best of the ummati.

When someone submits to the command of Allah he will then be truly free. Otherwise a person will be a slave to a countless number of addiction as it is shown by the daily life of people. Submitting to Allah only, means you are free from everything else. If anyone has the authority to dictate someone’s life then it is only the prophet sallahualihiwasalam. Even then he will not do it for himself but the benefit of the believer. Whereas everyone else who dictates someone’s life via fashion, wealth etc do so for themselves and egoistic reason.

If a person goes for Allah’s pleasure then he will get the benefits of what Allah gives him from the dunya and the hereafter. If a person only goes for the dunya then he will never get any dunya or hereafter.
The meaning of  being the mercy of all the worlds means that the messenger of Allah is like the endless sea. So one should not become demotived as whatever filth is thrown into the sea it purifies it. No matter how much sin a person may have through doing tawbah to Allah then all the sins will be purified like the endless sea.

To end, a person should think, has the prophet sallahualihiwasalam come into his life via the sunnah or not? If not, then the outward celebrations mean nothing. Furthermore, those who feel lost and drowned in the sea of sins should know it is never to late to change as Allah has given tawbah, so everything can change. All the Islamic guidance are not for the benefit of the prophet sallahualihiwasalam but for his followers as he did not and does not need money, wealth or anything from the dunya. As it was shown to people whilst he was here on earth physically.

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on Islamglobalmessage@gmail.com

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