How Hamza (RA) attained the status of the ‘Lion of Allah’

It was asked ‘how did Hamza (RA) attain the status of the lion of Allah?’ To answer this, the mashaykh replied with a one word answer, “HAQ”.
Not understanding what was meant, the questioner then asked, ‘O Beloved teacher, what do you mean by the word “HAQ”?’
The teacher then said, Hamza (RA) was on HAQ, if one sees the word HAQ it has Ha, Alif, Qaf, this spells the word (HAQ) in Arabic.

1) Ha: Hamza (RA) gave the preference to the huqum (commands), represented by ‘Ha’ in the word of Haq, above everything else.
2) So the question is who’s commands? This is answered by the second letter Alif, meaning, he gave the preference to the commands of Allah.
3) The final letter in the word HAQ answers the importance of the last letter. How long should a person follow the commands of Allah? This is represented by the final letter ‘Qaf’. A person should follow the commands of Allah and his prophet (sallahu alihiw asallam) until the day of Judgement, in other words the Qiyamah.

This is how hamza (RA) became the “lion of Allah’. He submitted to the HAQ!
If one does this in his or her life then they too can become the lion/lioness of Allah in their own levels.

By ServantofAlMalik

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