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Dr Tahir ul Qadri: The face of modern day Pakistani Political Satires.

If the news feeds and the reports coming out from Pakistan are anything to go by, then it is clear the country continues to be rocked by political turmoil. Ever since the newly elected Nawaz Sharif came into power and became the incumbent prime minister of the country once again. Large sways of the country has been holding regular mass protests, which take place across the length and breath of the country. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif is not the sole intended face of these protests but rather the decades long corruption and industrial scale political fraud ravaging the country. Thrown into this mix of vent up anger and misfired political unrest is also a group calling to revolutionize Pakistan and bring in a lightening new dynamic form of politics for the country. One that promises to put the people in the heart of the equation and put aside, once and for all, the greed and self indulgence of politicians.
Dr Tahirul Qadri’s politial party, the Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) formed in 1990 participated in the national elections just one year after it was founded. With not much of a gain being made in the political world. The founder and leader of the group, Dr Tahirul Qadri, decided to leave the world of politics leaving its misdemeanors behind. To focus on greater goals of guiding the souls of people to Allah.

However, in recent times Dr Tahirul Qadri has once again re-entered the foray of Pakistani politics. This has had positive and negative effects for Pakistan and more importantly millions of his followers across the globe. Although as he has said many times, his intention is not to stand for parliament, but to lead people to a revolution. The irony is, this has been said and done before in the early 90s and continues to be the mantra of ‘all’ parties in Pakistan; to revolutionize Pakistan and free it from corruption and tyranny. However, unfortunately for Dr Tahirul Qadri, this time brings with it the growing art of personal attacks associated with politics. Where the so-called politicians are often the butt of jokes from all parts of the society. This means Dr Tahirul Qadri is no exception to this ridicule. What is unsettling more than the usual antics of politics is the fact how a reputable man of knowledge, a man of Islamic learning is also in the receiving end of these often vile and political satires. Islamic scholars around the Muslim world are held in esteem and reverence, when they are they made fun of and are at the receiving end of jokes and comedy sketches, it reduces honarouble and knowledgeable men like him into to a joke. Further more, it reduces anything he may have to say Islamically into a farce! It completely destroys the image of a respectable Islamic scholar in the minds of people and in a larger context makes religious people once again the epitome of being ignorant, backward, archaic and insignificant. These sorts of antics in the political world are normal and of course, what people say and do cannot be helped or given much credence. However, looking at the greater picture and how this effects other Islamic scholars its best, as a Islamic scholar himself, not to make bold claims without having much results to show for.


Dr Tahirul Qadri has held a number of large scale protests to “change Pakistan”, where thousands of people have turned out en-mass. All of them have hardly had any effects, if any, in Pakistan. Which are further fueling the resentment of the Pakistani people. Making them hopeless and seriously doubting, “what can a molvi can do to change a country? Since his job is to stay in the mosques and Islamic places only”. If there is to be change brought about, this should be first of all done on one’s followers. There are millions of Minhajis (followers of Minhajul Quran) across the globe who will, given the instruction, can easily form a collation to implement Islamic laws and justice among themselves and the areas they hold power. Make them a sign and a model to show how the true change of revolution can improve a country. Then automatically this will change into and be a sign for others to copy and implement. Right now rather than becoming the sign of fairness and revolution, a model example for people, Dr Tahirul Qadri’s group is fast becoming just another party in the long line Pakistani political parties eagerly waiting to take their slice of the pie and eat it!

Some of the satire and jokes on Dr Tahirul Qadri:

At the receiving end of yet more satire.

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