Robin Williams is dead, the cause is Suicide.

An actor, comedian, entertainer, a spontaneous character, a man with a great wit, are just a few ways people are describing him. I do not intend to do an obituary on the man’s life but see to address the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death. Many news agencies have immediately began suggesting it was suicide, the cause of his death and moments leading up to his death describe a man in slumber, a man withdrawn and into a world of his own. No light or solitude but depression, downward spiral of drugs and alcohol, and the eventual death.

Why? What is the reason someone who makes it into the world, stepping above and over the dreams of so many others who can only dream of getting to the stage where he reached, end up like this? Suicide rates around the world is at an all time high. This phenomenon is unparalleled in the history of humanity. An unseen and often silent form of Illness reaching epidemic levels. Suicide, for all intense purposes is a disease. This was never a global scale issue of earlier nations. There is a saying of the mashaykh that nearing the end times far-reaching and never seen diseases will become rampant. And I truly believe suicide is among one of them.
It is not only affecting non – Muslims but the Muslim communities around the world as well! People are ending their lives over the most simplest issues and problems, a break up with a girl/boy friend. A petty argument with the wife or a rough day at work people simply pack in and close shop!
Fundamentally, this is because of one major reason, loss and direction of the goal and objectives. I know this sounds cliché but it this is the truth. Humans are ‘multiverse’ creatures and what that means is every human has two sides to him. The physical and the metaphysical i.e. the spiritual and the physical of a person are interlinked and interconnected. When a person shuts the front door to one over the other, the spiritual over the physical or the physical over the spiritual, it immediately sets the ball rolling and a downward spiral of destruction begins. The loss of understanding and having a clear sight of the wider implications of life, will undoubtedly give a very narrow and rigid mindset. A mindset completely based on the success and failures based on the materialistic one; To be successful is to have more, to be at peace means to endure having to do the most ridiculing performance acts on-screen. This phenomenon of global suicide epidemic is a new occurrence in the history of humanity. Never has there been a more severe outbreak of this than now. Muslims too, are pulled into this spiral of death, depression and distaste of life. Why is this? Primarily it is for two reasons,
1) This is because of regimental outlook on life. The self-defined idea of piety they have is that almost everything in life is haram and cannot be enjoyed. This pushes them to act out optional worship after worship. Eventually finding no pleasure, peace, or solitude in such a regimental life causes them to question the sanity of life itself. Is it all worth it? 2) Others who are Muslims only by name, fall into the petty pressures of life, the fear of failing exams, or not finding work pushes them to the limits of endurance.

What has caused so much shock in the blogosphere and social media on Robin Williams death is that he had it all, money, supposed “peace”, family, house, fame and name. With all this at ones feet, it is the last thing a person will think about. Ending life by suicide. In conclusion, to find the perfect equilibrium, the perfect balance between the physical and the spiritual is what this life is about. How to fine tune the physical and the spiritual needs of a person is what we are changed with. And, this has never been achieved more perfectly than in the lives of the prophets.

Some facts of Suicide rates around the world:

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