The story of Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistan fast bowler and what became of him.

Below is a story you don’t hear to often. Written by Imran ibn Masur, it is a refreshing breath of fresh air for our often clouded and foggy mind heart… This is the story of Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistan fast bowler and what became of him…

We went to give da’wah to one of the BIGGEST celebrities in Pakistan, and can you imagine, he ended up giving da’wah to us!!!


Last night we went to the house of the world’s fastest bowler, having broken the world record for the fastest bowling arm with the speed of 100+ TWICE… Of course I am talking about non-other than the ‘arrogant’ … ‘playboy’ … The Rawalpindi Express… retired opening bowler for the Pakistan International Cricket team for 20+ years… Shoaib Akhtar!

Before I tell you about what occurred, I want to highlight the fact that I put ‘arrogant’ and ‘playboy’ in inverted comments… after having sat with him, he is FARRRR from that… I can vouch for him! So can Ustadh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, Musa Adnan, John Fontain and UstadhAdnan Rashid… ! But the reason I mentioned that is book this is how the public viewed him, and spoke of him… today I want to SHATTER that perception, and give you yet ANOTHER example… of a person who had everything from the dunya, but was far away from Allah SWT… but still managed to change their life totally… just like our Sister Veena Malik did last month!

The story begins…

We are having a group meeting, at night, one of the brothers suggests we meet up with Shoaib Akhtar who lives local to where we were at that time, so we can engage in some da’wah. He makes a phone call, we jump in the car, we drive to his front gate. He is standing outside waiting to collect us…

Brothers & Sisters… IT IS PASTTTT MIDNIGHT. THE MAN WELCOMES US INTO HIS HOUSE WITH OPEN ARMS, AT LITERALLY A MOMENT’S NOTICE! … I know practising brothers that may just spit on your face if you come to them at that time (LOOOL) … of course that is an exaggeration… but you see the point I’m tryna make right? Also bear in mind, he was seen as a Big Man, a no nonsense gangster kind of guy, never afraid to speak his mind… but we saw the kind of adhaab in him, that to be real… I have not even seen in myself!!!

He sits us down in his sitting room, and looks towards Br John Fontain & Hamza Tzortzis… inspired by the fact that they are reverts, he falls in love with them and requests to hear their story. WAllahi they both had extremely inspirational stories… but little did we know, another story was to come, that would not only inspire us, but knock our socks off!!!

Br Shoaib then proceeds in telling us his story. With utmost passion, that seemed as nothing less than sincerity in his tone (although Allah SWT knows best) he says…

‘Up until the age of 14 i was a practising young boy from a good background. When I was 17 I got listed into the cricket team, and then I became totally disconnected with Allah SWT for 25 years straight. In that time I got caught up in making money, and more money and more money. I had EVERYTHING! But I used to feel this pain inside, because no matter what I had, it would not bring me satisfaction…

… I became EXTREMELY depressed! living a life with so much expectations on my shoulders, needing to please the people, the public, the team etc I was sooooo caught up with training, working hard, staying in shape, image performance etc that i stressed my self out… I couldn’t sleep… I started taking medication… even sleeping pills…

… I retired from cricket about two years ago. When I did, I could have done so much, I could have gone in to Bollywood, become an even bigger star and doing bigger things and make more money, I have the connections and friends in there to do that…. But if I went down that road… WITHIN 10 YEARS I WOULD HAVE ENDED UP KILLING MYSELF!!!…

… I have just recently come back to Allah, after having everything in the previous life, I can tell you that no drug, drink, buzz or high beats the peaceful and satisfying feeling of praying just ONE prayer on time! I feel on a high! I go to the masjid at Fajr, early morning I’m there ready, in the rows for salad… people are looking at me like ‘are you feeling ok?’ because they don’t expect it! When I leave the masjid, I get scared! Happy going in, but scared leaving, because i know what kind of world this is outside!…

… I have started doing da’wah, recently I went to a Mirpur in Kashmir, I started talking tot he people about cricket, drew them in and then I started talking to them about Allah! … I want to share this with others, but I also do it for selfish reasons, because it helps me stay in check and increases my imaan… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That is what we need to show the people, that is what the life of the Prophet SAAS was… and manners, akhlaq, after the religion, the greatest gift from Allah is manners!’

Needless to say… we were in tears at this point! Especially when he said he would have commit suicide if he carried on 10 more years …

Another example of a man that couldn’t found happiness in the dunya, even though he had EVERYTHING from it! … and mind you he still does (but the halal stuff from it) mashaa’Allah!… but he found happiness ONLY in the salad/namaz … to the extent he is off medication, no longer depressed and sleeps comfortably alhamdulillah!

Brothers & Sisters of Pakistan and beyond… do you still think secularism, liberalism, modernism is the way forward, to success and happiness? Time and time again Allah SWT has shown us that we won’t be happy in life unless our happiness is founded up the love, worship and obedience towards Allah SWT!

Make du’a for Br. Shoaib, so that Allah SWT keeps him firm

P.S. He has promised Ustadh Adnan Rashid, and reiterated his promise again and again… that he will go with him to Malawi on a da’wah mission inshaa’Allah. Make du’a he gets more acquainted to the da’wah here in Pakistan

SOURCE: facebook/Imran Ibn Mansur

By ServantofAlMalik

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