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Ultimate Magaton Solar flare predicted in the ‘End of times’ Ahadiths?

In the prophetic hadith literature we find the following hadith:

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

“The sun will be brought near to the earth and the people will sweat. For some people, the sweat will come up to their heels; for some it will come halfway up their shins; for some it will come up to their knees; for some it will come up to their backsides; for some it will come up to their hips; for some it will come up to their shoulders; for some it will come up to their necks; for some it will come up to the middle of their mouths; and some of them will be completely covered with their sweat.”

[Narrated by Imaam Ahmad in his Musnad]

New scientific research is indicating to the idea that earth can actually one day come to an end due to a massive solar projection, also known as solar flare which will directly head towards earth. Sending out a massive amount of coronal mass ejection (CMEs), these are tons of plasma densely radioactive materials from the sun’s surface directly towards earth. This will be a catastrophic event unlike anything the earth has seen before, and will in all probability annihilate the entire earth in a matter of few minutes. It is interesting to note the mention of “The sun will be brought near to the earth and the people will sweat..” in the hadith as it can be assumed to suggest a cataclysmic solar flare which may occur in the future that will head towards earth, causing massive ecological and environmental changes. The hadith can be taken literally where the sun will be brought near or as the scientific readings of our sun’s activity suggests, will be a megaton intensity charged solar flare which will hit earth at some time in the future.

An artist impression of a megaton solar flare heading towards earth.

Should a solar storm erupt in the coming years, it will release a massive amount of high energy charged particles streaming toward Earth. Such a storm occurred in 1859.

Shortly after the Sun reached solar maximum in 1859, the Sun experienced a significant increase in sun spot activity as well as a sequence of intense solar flares. The largest solar flare on record during the maximum was then observed by British astronomer Richard Carrington. The result of the flare was a coronal mass ejection that sent charged particles streaming toward Earth, reaching the atmosphere only 18 hours after the ejection. This is startlingly quick given that the trip normally takes several days.

Once the particles reach the Earth they caused a series of phenomena to occur, the likes of which the Earth has not experienced since. First of all, charged particles are usually captured by the Earth’s magnetic field, and primarily get funneled to the poles. There, they interact with the Earth’s atmosphere creating brilliant colors known as aurorae.

In this case, however, the flux of particles was so high that the magnetic field could not shield the Earth from them all. So instead of aurorae only being created near the poles, they came into existence throughout the Earth. Reports of aurorae were common over the Caribbean, as well as the central United States. At one point the glow in the Rocky Mountains was such that it awoke the sleeping miners, causing them to begin getting prepared for the day, believing that it was in fact dawn.

Another, and perhaps more significant, problem was that the charged particle flux began to reek havoc on electronic systems. Specifically, failure of telegraph systems world-wide were reported.

This is something to think about and even link to the awesome depth of the prophetic knowledge and how it penetrates all fields of human endeavour. Sallahu alihi wasallam, May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

By ServantofAlMalik

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2 replies on “Ultimate Magaton Solar flare predicted in the ‘End of times’ Ahadiths?”

As far as I understood, the context of the ahadith is when mankind will be waiting for the Day of Judgement, in that world, the earth would be flat, our sun would be at our feet almost literally. I dont think this is prophesying a CME while the world still exists; albeit a very very likely possibilty..


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