Mehdi Hasan’s apostasy

Since the climatic, savage and brutal, yet entertaining attack on the Dailymail by Mehdi Hasan on Question Time. *Watch Here*
The Internet has been a blaze with praise and applauds for the man known to have famously debated Richard Dawkins, the father of modern atheism.

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The gallant warrior, outspoken critic and supporter of the “oppressed and the trodden” does, it seems, shelters a remarkably bigoted, sectarian, archaic, narrow-minded and disgusting belief. Which in all honesty should cause the majority of Muslim outrage and alarm. It should question how can such a popular “Muslim” journalist harbour these ill-fated words!
With his performance on Question Time on Thursdays show, the Oxford graduate is sure to receive a dramatic surge in approval ratings, which will undoubtedly add to his popularity score.
However, the up and coming voice of the Muslim community, the outspoken and blunt lone wolf is exposing himself more and more to the glare of the public eye. The chauvinistic air to his persona goes a long way to rally support and gather the ever increasing momentum for expanding his fan base. The cliche, ‘how the mighty have fallen’ seems befitting to add to his allurement and magic. It is hard to believe a journalist in the 21st century would spew out such sectarian hatred! In a recent video posted on the Internet, Mehdi Hasan is heard voicing a vicious and scathing attack on one of the illustrious companions of the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam), Syyiduna Muwawiyyah (RA). Unbelievable is a word which does little, in this case, to explain the disgust and barbarity of his words. He goes on to regurgitate much of the same things he spews out on screen, signing from the same hymn sheet. “The first islamaphobe, Muslim hating, anti-Muslim propaganda began with *Syyiduna* Mu’awiyah *(RA)*” (ASTAGIRULLAH)!
[Note: ** denotes where I have included words out of respect].
Mehdi Hasan on Islamaphobia
I have replicated these vile words simply for the need to expose the dark and demonic blood which is running through this man! Under the skin of pleasantries and genteel displays, this man is as dark and sinister as George W. Bush senior and junior, not to mention Tony Blair and Allister Campbell. Among the plethora of tools at the disposal of the devil and his ilk are men like Mehdi Hasan. People who have the skill of oration, and who are able to wow the crowd into submission and acceptance. Willing participants who skim over the details and look at the flesh of bravado.

Performers have always drawn in huge crowds not based purely on skill but by the ability to draw lines in the sand showing views of supposed realities.
Mehdi Hasan has fallen in my eyes and certainly will do so in the eyes of many others. Some may see fit to overlook such blasphemous dirt spewed out in the face of his greater work for Muslims and Islam in general. They may even point out the legendary battle he fought in defence of Islam, at the Oxford debate house “Is Islam a peaceful religion?“. My points still stand strong; People are willing to fast-forward over the parts which are hard to watch and accept the flowery painted, manufactured concept of reality. The bottom line is, Mehdi Hasan is a man who has deep elements within him that are abhorrent and dangerous, a venomous poison waiting to spill out onto the mainstream platform!
A man who even backs “gay marriage” and is a big fan of “liberal politics”. With Mehdi’s views about Syyiduna Mu’awiyah (RA) in this video, he would be declared a kafir by the scholars in the Sunni Muslim world.
May the curse of Allah be upon those who curse the Sahaba (radiAllahu anhum).