Reasons why Allah deserves to be befriended over everyone else

Discourse Notes: 02/09/13

The fact that humans have been put together here on this earth is a sign in its self to tell someone this life is a test. If Allah had placed everyone on their own planets, something which could have been easily done by him. Then there will be no test by which to see who will be successful and unsuccessful in blessings and trials. For instance, a person could not feed someone or help someone. Moreover, the diseases of jealousy, arrogance etc would not be cured in a person as there would have been no means to test.
By placing everyone in the same ring of life, the earth. People can be tested easily on how they react and respond to blessings and tribulations.

People in this world interact with each other based on the individual benefit. The structure of a relationship is built on this. A person will marry another person based on certain benefits. Countries will go to wars based on national interests etc.
The classical scholars have said there are more than 100 reasons to have relationship with Allah. Due to the lack of knowledge people befriend shaytan and the evil company. If a person learns to the reasons and benefit of having a relationship with Allah he will leave everything else and adopt this.
– the example is of a car; a person who knows the benefits of a car compared to others he will go for that over the others in the market.

Some of the reasons/benefits of having a relationship with Allah:

1) people in this world have relationships/interaction if they benefit from it. For example a person will get sacked of he does not do his job properly. A man will divorce his wife if the condition of the marriage is not fulfilled. Whereas when someone praises Allah it is not Allah who benefits but the person praising. Allah’s greatness is not increased if someone says AllahuAkbar or subhanAllah. All good deeds are for the benefit of the servant; The prohibitions and the halal.

2) Creation may intend to benefit you but when the time comes they forget to give or do the thing they promised. As a result you suffer immense loss. On the other hand Allah never forgets anyone’s deeds or actions. This is the quality of Allah he never forgets.

3) Sometimes two people may want the best for each other but due some reason they misunderstand each other sometimes this causes friction and harm between people. Allah never misunderstand’s his servant, he knows everything in the heart of his servant even before he or she says and utters a word.

4) Other shortcomings of creation is that they can be blackmailed or pressured to harm you although they may have they may have the best wishes for you. But due to pressure and threats from others they can harm you. Allah jala wa ala is never pressured by anyone or anything. No one can blackmail or threaten Allah. This is why Allah is the being who deserves the friendship of his servant.

5) Sometimes family and friends may want to relive you from pain or suffering at the hands of an oppressor. But because they are weak and frail they cannot do anything to help. Look at the events of the world. People are being oppressed but no one can do anything. Allah is the one who can and does help anyone he wishes to. He is not weak.

6) Creation may want the best for you but they do not have the knowledge of the future. They can suggest ideas and help but things can turn for the worst in the future. It is only Allah who knows and has the knowledge of future. What he promises and suggest will benefit the servant. The prohibitions mentioned by him only serves to help the servant. Even the people who claim to have knowledge of the future, the magicians and soothsayers are in the darks they also estimate and guess. They are also false.

7) Humans can be easily overcome by the devil. They may desire the best but unfortunately they can be overcome. There are no more prophets to come, they are masum. so everyone in the world other than them is prone to this. Allah is the one who can never be influenced by the shaytan.

8) Noone can bribe Allah or give him incentives. No one can buy Allah with gifts or presents, he is free from this. Creation can be and in turn give harm to you.

9) Humans can become scared and out of fear of harm they will suffer, they can cause harm to you. It is Allah who can never be made to fear anything or anyone. Under him is all the domain of the heavens and the earth.

10) Allah is al Malik and khalik. He is the owner of everything. A person can own something for sometime but then they can not do anything with that object. A person may have the best phone but cannot fly to Makkah with the phone for example. Whereas Allah can take and do anything he wishes with any object. He can make a small bird become the means to destruction to an army. Like he destroyed to the army of Abrahah with the small birds. He made the staff of Musa (as) turn in to a snake. This is the quality of Allah who can do anything, he can use any object to give and take harm. For example: A fire for Ibrahim (as) turns into a cool garden. This is why the person who will make Allah his friend he will become the real powerful person because his friend is powerful.

11) Sometimes a person may want to give you a big reward or a gift but he or she cannot afford it or does not have the ability to get it. Whereas Allah can give anything to anyone when ever and wherever he wants to.

This is why one of the great sages of Islam Syyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) said: A person should give the preference to Allah and have mercy and compassion on creation.

By ServantofAlMalik

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