The wrestling ring of life.

Discourse notes: 29/08/13

Many people sometimes mention they have lost the motivation to act upon the deen. Sometimes they themselves are acting but their family members are not being responsive to deen. – They have lost their relationship to Islam. Therefore they say they have lost the interest to give dawah. The example is that the family has been kidnaped and you ware willing to lay down the means and ability to fight and get back your family. It is inconceivable anyone would not work night and day to get them back. A person will be more robust and eager to give them help and support. In the same way, shaytan has in reality kidnapped many people even sometimes family members. The duty is not to lay down but to rise up and fight, give dawah more rigorously.

In the wrestling ring of life you may fall sometimes because of the blows from shaytan. But the point is to get back up and continue fighting. As long as the bell of death has not rang the person in the wrestling match has a chance to come back with a swing shot and make the opponent fall. A Muslim should do the same, if the attractions of the world makes a person slip he should immediately do tawbah and stand up again.
The people of Taqwa are never touched/put down by the blows of the devil. They have learnt the tricks to move and manoeuvre out of his blows. The manoeuvres are the sunnah and shariyah.
A major assumption in the minds of people is the idea that society is not good this is why they do not do good. Blaming the society for not acting on Islam. The lesson to remember is not to blame and try and find excuses. – There was fitna, evil and disobedience of Allah in society at the time of the companions, Awliyah and saliheen. A person must get out of this shaytanic trap and start practicing Islam. Society will stay evil right until and after the arrival of imam Mahdi.

Sunnah is like a fort,- a castle, which does not become penetrable to the attacks of the shaytan. A person may lose apparently in the sense of dunya. But in the eyes of Allah he has won. Syyiduna Imam Hussain (RA) lost apparently in this world. His blessed head was also severed from his body and placed on a spear. Such apparent degradation looks like failure and humiliation but in they eyes of Allah he has won.

Ibn attaullah sikandari (Ra) said;
“If a person feels lose and remorse after sinning. Then he did his good deeds thinking they will take him to heaven. A person must do tawbah and stand again if sins are committed. For it is out of the mercy of Allah a person will enter paradise not because of his good deeds purely”.
– This saying of the sage is in relation to instilling hope in the hearts of those who have lost hope. Seeking to brighten their horizon on the magnanimity of Allah’s forgiveness. It by no means is saying a person should not feel regretful for sins committed, he or she should, in the usual sense. As this is one of the clause for an accepted tawbah. Secondly it is also for those people who have the incorrect belief their good deeds is by what they will enter paradise. When the correct belief is good deeds are means to entering paradise as mentioned by Allah but they are not the cause for which a person enters paradise. It is because of the mercy of Allah he allows a person eternal salvation by the means of doing good deeds.

By ServantofAlMalik

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