The theme of Sura Al Fathiha

Notes from the discourse after taraweeh 27/07/13

From the beginning few verses of sura Al Fathiha alone Allah establishes several facts about himself. 1) he is the one who is the owner of all the worlds.
2) he, Allah Azzawajal is the being who provides/sustains and creates.
3) he is the only one worthy of being worshiped. As he Azzawajal is the one who ultimately gives support to life and no one or nothing else. 3) Allah subhanAllah watala is not under the command of any one. Which means no one can influence him Jala wala.

These are some of the many deductions as understood by the learned men of Allah, the scholars and the Awliyah. In essence, after all these statements Allah is saying ‘I am the one who has your best wishes in mind. I am the one who wants the best for you. For I am the one who created you’.
This is the truth. It is Allah subhanAllahu watala who only cares for his servant like no one else.
Sura Al Fathiha, the shifa of diseases is also a sura of Ikhlas (sincerity). For it ultimately drives the servant to focus not on himself but to focus on Allah alone. To worship him only without any ulterior motives. Free from the wants of wealth, fame, name, glory etc. A person who will do this with full conviction Allah will be the support for him, the sustainer of him, the reliance for him. Then the doors to the unlimited gnosis of Allah will open for him. Not only this but the halal treasures of dunya as well. The fundamental theme of sura Al Fathiha is essentially to make a person realise how to worship Allah. Without any other motives, for Allah alone will be enough for a servant of all his needs.
After all Allah is, the creator, the sustainer, the master of the day of judgement, the owner of all the worlds…

By ServantofAlMalik

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